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  • larmisk larmisk Oct 16, 2009 6:01 PM Flag

    ..and all of you THOUGHT it was so easy... invest and make money! Well, by reading all these posts, whether positive or negative, you can be frozen in place as to making a decision.

    Now, when you hear about someone holding a stock, which represents a disruptive technology, for years upon years and making a huge return, be reminded that he or she had to sit through many years with someone disparaging the advancement over and over again and casting doubt upon doubt.

    The hardest period of time is right before earnings when people start posting whom you have never heard of. They have a purpose...they have an agenda. Do not be frightened out of your position.

    Disruptive Technologies change a lot more than the reason they exist. They require people to find new jobs, force them to get additional training, give up their old fact...they are forced to relearn what they have been doing for 20 years or more and they are doing that kicking and screaming (as evidenced by some posts). It's not pretty, but that's the result of new technology.

    enjoy the journey......

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    • It IS easy.
      : )

    • While driving to work I looked at this giant billboard touting robotic surgery. Marketing directly to communities.

      Sales reps touting that it is a "must have",
      "future of surgery","precision","technological advantage", "minimally invasive", "new paradigm", "ground-breaking", "game-changer".

      While slyly leaving out the KEY to success ; the need for so many hours of training before surgeons could get good at it.

      After this had gone on for years, and after so many complications occured, the representatives are as aggressive as ever, as if they have gained even more legitimacy bec. nobody complained.

      I think to myself about the famous saying by Samuel Huntington, that " Half truths are more insidious than total falsehoods" How true.

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      • Yes you are quite right - it takes time to gain proficiency in any skill, even in laproscopic surgery, perhaps especially laproscopic. Robotic surgery is no different in this respect.

        This learning curve scare is just the latest tactic of the nay sayers. It looks very damaging at first sight but is no more important than the learning curve of laproscopic - perhaps is not even as difficult as robotics is intuitive not counter intuitive like laproscopic.

        It might frieghten off some less well informed patients, but I guess not the professional surgeons or intellegent patients. And the truth will surface very quickly. The frauds like Dr Hu will be shown up what they are.

        There is no more disreputable half truth than the totally flawed report from Dr Hu who seems to have his own agenda.
        Is it possible that he was rejected form a robotics training course- just a thought.

        This week looks like the last stand of the nay sayers.

      • Where I live the billboards advertise paternity testing. Oh well...

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