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  • fish_discover_water_last fish_discover_water_last Feb 13, 2013 5:35 PM Flag

    Benefits of Firefly for Colorectal Surgery

    Novadaq (NVDQ) is the company behind ISRG's Firefly fluorescent imaging technology. Here is a Press Release from them about the launch of their own fluorescent endoscopic product (called PINPOINT) for standard lap surgery. In the release they talk about two completed Colorectal surgery studies and a registry to track future cases. Pretty impressive stuff. The benefits discussed are equally applicable to ISRG's Firefly technology. The combination of firefly imaging, ISRG's new cutter/stapler and the other benefits of robotic surgery should allow ISRG to own the colorectal market within a few years.

    Here's the Press Release

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    • andersongordon Feb 14, 2013 8:36 AM Flag

      From the newly released ISRG Investor Presentation for Q1 2013 you can read the ISRG estimate of Colorectal adoption. Q4 2010 (11%), Q4 2011 (15%), Q4 2012 (21%). The adoption curve is what is called a Sigmoidal function. The maximum acceleration occurs around 24-25%. In laymans terms Colorectal volumes are at the point in adoption that will see very large volume increases. For the next three years expected increases of annual volume to be on the order of 100%.

      Once volumes of the medical technology is above 20% and a clear clinical and finacial benefit can be demonstrated (statistical papers published), that technology is usually declared a the "Standard of Care". This could accelerate the adoption even further and market penatration even deaper.

      Quantitative support for your correct qualitative conclusion Fish.



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      • excellent information.
        Yet as we have seen over the past many years, the blind cannot see even in their imagination, if they indeed have same.
        We recall some years back on this board a looney had a topic headline to the affect "ISRG IS A ONE TRICK PONY"... We often wonder where that poster is now. Maybe trying to figure out how he went broke buying into oh maybe an IMGG.OB at the time or the ?company?? that ahem had a process where you could make things happen by JUST THINKING THEM.(Prof. harols Hill was NOT the CEO) People actually ??invested?? millions and millions in both companies and of course are now like carp in Southern Ohio creeks in mid-August....BELLY UP

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