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  • proudfatheroffour proudfatheroffour Feb 28, 2013 4:20 PM Flag

    US Probe of ISRG Products...

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    • As I said in another post this is a response to recent report that laparoscopic surgery has same outcome profile as robot with 1/3 less the cost. With obama on his crusade to cut medical expenses they set forth this probe. Unfortunately the original lap vs robot report missed some key parameters which are also important in evaluation the patient outcome and total cost.

      This is another dead end witch hunt to satisfy some people in the government. They need to let the free market do what it does, period. If the robot has the same benefit than insurance co's can simply pay less for it just like they do today with generic drugs. I can't get a brand drug without paying fully for it now if a generic exists. Same should apply for these procedures if applicable.

      I believe not much will come out of this probe in the end but it will at least allow certain US politicians to say they looked into it. I know surgeons personally who used to do colorectal lap surgery and now do the daVinci. According to them no comparison when the case application is appropriate. MUCH better in terms of complication reduction, transfusion reduction, lower hospital stay, less pain, higher patient satisfaction. I can't speak personally to other procedures because I do not know surgeons personally

    • Seems pretty benign - the investigation could be anything from a routine review to a targeted probe based on specific adverse outcomes. Antone have anything else on this?

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      • I have to agree. What are the surgeons that are being surveyed going to say, "This thing is a piece of sht but I'm going to continue using it on my patients anyway..."

        We know the majority of the surgeons that use the tool have nothing but great things to say and hear surgeons' testimonies all the time about much they prefer to use the da Vinci and how it's the wave of the future.

        However, one aspect of the survey asks "to list any complications they may have seen with Intuitive’s robots". I hope they have carefully worded that question in order to make it clear whether or not the complication was a specific da Vinci issue and not related in any way to a doctor issue.

      • They have had a few cases of electrical shorts through the joint and the probe could be related to that. Simple thicker insulation in that point would solve it. Propose design change, make change, verify and validate, done.

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