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  • ehsani97 ehsani97 Mar 7, 2013 11:17 AM Flag

    If cars are not at fault why do they get recalled

    The best companies in the world recall cars left right center because parts designs are at fault and they have been at it for over 100 years and cars are far less sophisticated than robots.

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    • Tell me what is inaccurate about my post or you don't like. It is very easy to click thumbs down but can you back it up with an intelligent argument.

    • These are extremely complex systems with many components and there will inevitably be the occasional system failure. That's why they have a surgeon standing by to take over.
      With that understood, this is the future of difficult surgery, period.
      It can overcome some of the limitations of the human hand and especially in minimally invasive surgery it's superior visualization and advanced articulation combined with superior tools, etc will completely dominate high end surgery in time.
      Add in the eventual possibility that distant expert surgical specialists will be able to lend a hand in difficult circumstances remotely, plus the myriad possible non surgical, precision applications, plus the virtual monopoly in the field..and so on....
      Then the odd recall is no big deal.
      As in driving, most of the mistakes will continue to be operator error.

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      • So you do admit that there could be inherent design fault, and the individuals that like to blame mistakes on human errors only, are only taking themselves to the poor house.

        The recall may not be a big deal for cars because they have many models for many years. This is one pony show. If recalled there is nothing to replace it.

    • Tsk tesk tsk my friend. Now you've done it. you have given the fools on the board FACTS & LOGIC. 2 things they know little or nothing about. See you gave them PIE...they only understand MERINGUE.
      Well, so long for now (In Memory of the late and great Pete Smith)

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