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  • reitassman reitassman Apr 5, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    Northland Securities

    Can anyone confirm this (the part about insurance reimbursements)

    Northland hosted a dinner with several high profile robotic surgery doctors and came away with the following observations that Urologists make more money by referring prostate cancer patients to a radiologist vs. performing a prostatectomy , Da Vinci systems are underutilized, and indicates are that two insurers are no longer reimbursing robotic surgery.

    Gosh I wouldn't want either of those two doctors determining my treatment.

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    • They are a very small firm.mostly cover small caps and #$%$ bonds.HOW OLD IS THE ANALYST?

    • Possibly they want to push the stock down to play an earnings release jump?

    • The part about insurance reimbursement is suspect. It's not impossible but it's improbable. There is a common misconception that robotic surgery is more expensive for insurance companies. As far as I know this is not the case. Insurance reimburses the same for robotic as they do for standard lap. This has been the case all along. The misconception is that insurance companies are looking at a higher cost and saying they will not reimburse for it, but since they don't pay more for robotic, they have no reason to do this. Higher direct costs are borne by the hospital. Based on the fact that so many of ISRG's systems are sold to existing customers it seems clear that they are finding them to be a good invetstment. After all, they only need one if all they want it for is bragging rights. They can recoup the higher direct costs by gaining or retaining market share or by savings in other areas such as lower readmission rates, faster turnover etc.

    • jsmithson124 Apr 6, 2013 1:21 AM Flag

      Sure. Anyone who doesn't know the difference between a radiologist and radiation oncologist should not be listened to when it comes to investment advice in this sector...

    • If it's all about money, and not the patient and what's best for them...then shame shame, take their degree's away....that's a fairly huge claim to be making over a dinner discussion...there are more than 2 insurance companies in the world...

    • from what i saw, very small group of selected doctors; too easy to set this up and go short; not that any law abiding brokerage firm wouldn't..that doesn't happen in the US!! Anyway; if urologists passes on the surgery, then the radiologist engages another surgeon..u don't have to be a urologist to use this, just need to be a TRAINED Dr...trained is the fulcrum word; most Dr's think to above adequate training and just do....

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