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  • bottomlinefury bottomlinefury Jun 6, 2013 10:06 AM Flag

    Herb Greenberg, Citron (Andrew Left), Marty Makary M.D.

    These three idiots cost this company, and thousands of shareholders billions. Where are they now? They have been silent ever since the 10-2 jury quashed their claims of liability. Headline grabbing fools that they are, they will be vanquished to the obscurity of talking heads with little to say, and a lot to be sorry for. Two of the three were also irresponsible in their taking down QCOR with a similar strategy (which has since recovered). What is their liability? This is where the law firms should turn their attention.

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    • Sounds like you wanna place the blame on everyone but where the source of the issues lie...That would be within the management themselves....This company will be trading below 300 in the comming year NOT because of the 3 you listed but because the validity of this system simply isnt as cost effective as plain ole hands on operations...............

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      • You ever try to do a vaginal hyst? Ever try to train someone to do so?

        Ever do a prostatectomy with lap instruments?

        Unless you have and subsequently used the robot you can't even begin to understand the value proposition here.

        CEO is a Caltech PhD who is one of the smartest, caring people I have ever met. Surrounded by a team of extremely motivated, trustworthy individuals who notify the FDA of problems long before hospitals notice anything wrong. Chair of the Board who is probably worth $300M can still be found in the office 2-3 days a week. Because he needs the money? Come on. Because he loves the technology, loves the people and believes in furthering devices that bring value to the health care system and humanity. Saying you understand the management is total BS. You are an idiot trader whose ignorance is demonstrated throughout this message board.

      • LemmeKnow you don't "know" squat. You make me laugh because you obviously know nothing about the daVinci first hand. I doubt you have EVER talked with someone who actually uses it.
        There will always be detractors (like blf complains about)....for everything. But I am letting you know some truth. The daVinci is NOT superior to vaginal hysterectomy (especially if prolapse procedures are indicated at the same time) when the uterus is small the surgeon can do an adequate vaginal hyster, which many surgeons struggle with. It is NOT superior to TAH (nor indicated) in cases of greatly enlarged uteri that limit room for the instruments. It is VASTLY superior and VERY cost effective when used for large uteri and difficult dissections that would otherwise require an open procedure. It is ALL about patient selection and providing the patient with the proper choice. A good surgeon is one that provides what BEST for the patient and if said surgeon cannot do this then he should refer the patient elsewhere. The daVinci is here to stay and it WILL see increased utilization.

      • Long ago, they critiqued the Mayo brothers for bothering to suggest that surgeons should wash their hands before surgery. Robots are here to stay my friend. Move along now.

    • So ver elz your tinking they may be..There over at LIEBHARD AND GREENBOIGS JOINING THE LAW SUIT

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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