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  • captzorro_2000 captzorro_2000 Apr 10, 2014 6:10 AM Flag

    Where is the problem with The da Vinci Surgical System according to surgeons?

    Where is the problem with The da Vinci Surgical System according to surgeons? IMHO

    The computational robotic arm.

    The range of motion the robotic arm is supposed to mimic the motions of a human wrist.

    Unfortunately, scientists who have worked in robotic field are still far from getting a 100% computational software that mimic’s the wrist.

    The systems surgeons were experiencing glitches with, caused injuries and even deaths.

    The new units in comparison to the old units defined better the minute measured movements needed to resolve the underlying problem, mimicking the human wrist.

    Da Vinci procedure is an alternative treatment but for now, I preferred to seek out surgeons who do not have procedure over procedures to do.

    The relative value of da Vinci procedures in comparison to the surgeon’s treatment of diseases, to date, still favors the surgeon’s hands.

    2014, estimates for surgical procedures which are performed with the new da Vinci Surgical System will see a decline in growth and in our in our opinion will drop to ~2013 volume.

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    • The biggest challenge IMO is Haptic (sense of touch and resistance) feedback.

      It is nearly impossible to emulate the sense of touch and force that surgeon's arms feel during surgery using robotic arms.

      One of the important sensory input to a surgeon is sense of force or resistance. Different tissues and vessels have different structural profile. You have to apply right amount of force to get the precise cut thru different types of tissues or suture with the right level of tightening.

      I think what is gained with precise movements and enhanced 3D vision is somewhat negated by lack of precise haptic feedback.

    • PS 2013 lows ~350...if no new revelation appears about Da Vinci defects!

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