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  • scottstheone2 scottstheone2 Jul 5, 2009 3:37 AM Flag

    Ignorant Neighbors shooting Fireworks


    Most cities have laws that ban personal use of fireworks in a residential neighborhood, though if your city is like mine, the police dept. will not enforce the fireworks laws. I just found out that my fire dept. will enforce the fireworks ordinances, and maybe yours will too. So, call the fire dept. on your neighbors that shoot fireworks. They will come out an give them a ticket. I'd suggest calling in on them anonymously as some of these people are especially vindictive as they are often drunk while shooting fireworks.

    People who use fireworks really should be fined, and thrown in jail after the 2nd violation. The people who shoot them must be ignorant, and not realize how fireworks can kill a person or set a vehicle or house on fire. For God's sake, don't people realize they have gunpowder in them.

    Fireworks shooters are also very inconsiderate people. Fireworks scare many people, especially older people and dogs, and people don't want to hear them while they are trying to sleep or watch TV.

    My own mother could not enjoy her last days on earth because of inconsiderate neighbors, and noise laws (including fireworks) that our police dept. refused to enforce. That's why I hate people that shoot fireworks and play loud music so much. I feel like talking my shotgun to these inconsiderate fools.

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    • How cruel of you to try to take away one of my main sources of income in July. No, I don't sell fireworks. I try to reattach the destroyed fingers of the teenagers who hold an M80 just a little bit too long in their hands. Or the bottle rockets that have inadvertently exploded in a 12 year old's chest and killed him instantly. Or the child who burned out his cornea with a sparkler and went blind. Then there was the weird accident of another bottle rocket landing in a boys pocket and igniting his fireworks he had there. He lost most of his penis. As you may have surmised, I am an ER doc who tries to reduce the incredible suffering and damage done by these "fun filled" explosive devices. This is the sort stuff that makes me wealthy every year. Keeping illegal fireworks out of the hands of children will only reduce the number of hands that get blown off each year and make my job less interesting. That would be no fun at all on the 4th. Well, there are always the drunks who crush innocent children on the 4th to make up for any loss of fireworks injuries. Thank goodness for the drunks at least! They will ALWAYS be around!

    • Last night while Our family was lighting off fire works it occurred to me that one of my neighbors might be annoyed. I thought about all the times they have been jerks over the past 15 years since they moved here and when we lite the big fireworks that lasted 3 minutes or more with the screaming whistlers that explode after, I felt even more than the regular joy I experience while watching my nieces and nephews celibrate. In fact this topic is making me wonder if i might find other ways to piss them off for being so agrevating over the years. Thanks for reminding me. I wish these posts were published nationwide in like the USA Today so more people could focus on pissing off grumpy whinning anti-social neighbors so they would all move to the same town and piss each other off instead of the normal people.....3/4s of my neighborhood came to the party.

    • Too bad you can't ignore fireworks.


      I had some cranky neighbors that were annoyed with fireworks. They even came out to say they were annoyed. I told them that I was annoyed about assholes that cut their grass at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning.(Grass does not cut well when it is wet with dew, but that is a different form of idiocy.) You know what? I continued to shoot off fireworks, and the assholes changed their grass cutting schedule to late in the evening when the grass is dry.

      You must be awake at this hour, so fireworks should not disturb you too much. I wonder if someone were to cut their grass now, would it disturb you? It is 3:45 a.m. on the East coast.


    • Oh, BOO-HOO! Stop being such a baby, scott. And more importantly, get off your high horse and stop pretending to be some moralist / perfect law-abiding citizen. Okay, so some kids are just out having some fun and causing a MINOR nuisance at best, and you want to see them thrown in jail? Meanwhile, according to you, people that fail to pay their debts should simply be allowed to get away with it without facing any consequences. Ripping off an institution is just as wrong as stealing from an individual... yet somehow these thieves don't belong in jail? How do you rationalize this moral hypocrisy?

    • DAMN!!!

    • Chilling! LOL!

    • All fireworks are made in China...

      we should stop buying China asap!

      Long live the Confederacy!

    • This is America. Love it or leave it!

      I just love saying that now that my guy is in the White House.


    • welcome to earth....tightass....

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