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  • CosmicHemorroid CosmicHemorroid Jul 18, 2009 2:50 PM Flag

    Weekend Esoteric Thread: Nature vs. Thought

    A lot has been written in the annals of philosophy concerning humankind's nature, vs. the gift/curse we have of thought and logic.

    Nature, as we all see before us, works in boom and bust cycles. A petri dish experiment confirms our wiring: if there is food, our DNA turns on and we boom. If there is no food, we bust. That is our very nature.

    Philosophy dictates there is more. Even going back to eastern/biblical times, there has been discussion of Thought as an overriding factor. As such, we were given the tree of knowledge and told NOT to eat the apple. That it would unleash thought and logic. It is that very interplay - between our nature and our reason, that we find ourselves living a manic life.

    Ignorance, it has been said, is bliss. Is Thought the giant vortex we can lose ourselves in that complicates our very existence? It it that which causes us to grit our teeth and gives us tears of pain and tears of joy?

    Or is it the ultimate hope? At what point does logic and reason override our very nature, and move us to a different plateau of existence? We seem to be able to Think of this existence, but only very mild strides have been taken to get anywhere near true implementation. In fact, I'll argue we haven't done anything. First it was raping the nearest cavewoman, then it was raping the beasties on the plains, nowadays it is raping the minerals of the earth itself.

    Thoughts, comments, flames all welcome.

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