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  • do.john67 do.john67 Aug 24, 2010 9:40 PM Flag

    Futures slime green

    Think about it. Bad news out, lots of shorts betting on head and shoulders formation, "Hindenburg", double dip, deflation, depression.
    I'm just curious how high the shorts will watch this climb before panic covering kicks in high gear. With a bull run, many of above fears fade quickly and seem ridiculous. We then start worrying about inflation. Market surges at first suggestion of fed of possible need to put brakes on recovery. People start scrambling to buy or refy homes as record low rates show signs of ending. The housing market starts showing dip in inventories. T bills fall off the cliff as money transfers desperately into stocks. Next thing you know, we are approaching new highs on Dow. Cramer loses his voice saying Buy, Buy, Buy.
    I am glad I'm long this market!

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    • What is the catalyst for the scenario that you describe?

      It will take some major improvement in terms of job creation and we simply aren't seeing it.

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      • Not easy to answer that, but first thing that comes to mind is business friendly tax break announcement. How about keeping Bush tax break not only for people making < 250,000, but also for all small business owners.
        Also, keep capital gains tax rate 20% across the board.
        Tax credit incentives for companies with net hiring.
        Use remaining stimulus monies to remodel infrastructure and put construction workers back to work.
        Raise age of receiving benefits from Medicare and social security.
        Allow individuals option to invest their social security in market.
        Tort reform to reduce law suit rewards against hard working physicians, and reward hospitals for keeping health care cost down while maintaining high quality care.
        Get the President to announce these ideas to the public, and give people hope for the future.
        Get rid of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac AS WE KNOW IT!

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