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  • markfk1965 markfk1965 Apr 25, 2013 7:08 AM Flag

    Where is all this fake money coming from

    With all the money the Gov'ts around the world are printing, where is all this fake money coming from? Isn't there interest to be paid? Or higher inflation as the curency is devalued? Or a lower standard of living if inflation can't take hold?

    The crooks are using the money to buy and buy and buy yet there seems to be no downside. This has been going on for years. It seems like people don't actually have to earn money any longer because they can just make it up on a computer.

    Where is the downside to this ponzi scheme.

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    • Most of it from Ben's iPhone. Some from Abe's Galaxy Tablet. One *Click* can produce a domino flash trading microsecond megaspike. The flash trading CRAY computers are now programmed to interrupt signals from Ben's iPhone to every tower in the world. They autobuy whenever Ben texts the letter "P". "Money ain't for nothin' " is Ben's New Paradigm Fed mandate. Just stick with Ben. Stick with FAS.

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