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  • deweylady deweylady Jul 18, 2009 11:53 PM Flag

    Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome . . . caused

    The soldiers are not wearning the eqpt they;ve been give.

    The 90% cause of PTSD is failure to where earplugs!!

    Those dumsombitshes aren't putting on their PPE.

    I have to wear earplus every gdam day!! AND I DO IT!

    They ignore all training, and then come home to complain to moma about PTSD! Vultures just wanna take the USA for a bundle of cash in claims. Wear the PPE!!!

    This is why Gates maked a terrible Sec of Defense. He sits on his arsiehollie and

    ignores all the empirical observations by the observers & doctors and hopes the situation will result in a lawsuit.


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