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  • hansy4prez hansy4prez Sep 26, 2012 3:16 AM Flag

    Those who who failed "Are you smarter than a 5th grader"

    You are completely wrong.
    Colleges turning out millions of skilled grads who can't find work ending up bagging groceries for $7 an hour. They deserve respect.

    Meawhile all big bloated defense contractors with employees making more than they deserve. All defense contrators have poor accountability giving us taxpayers these crazy expensive products we must buy as a nation. And for what, picking wars we shouldnt be in to begin with.

    I suggest to Obama in 2nd term to nationalize (seize) defense companies then fire old deadwood employees and fire ALL of the management. For any defense companies involved with project over runs or fraud, government should fine and or imprison ALL employees and management directly working on those cost-over-run projects because the american people were robbed.

    Give thier jobs to college grads and avoid hiring problem employees like ex military people or the Wall Street type big biz thugs as they often have abrasive personalities and cant get along usually with others. Hire qualified college educated people who are looking for work and have positive attitudes.

    After the defense companies are streamlined with qualfied people making what they're supposed to, we move on to seizing big oil companies to lower gas prices. Next nationalize the big manufacturing to create jobs such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, Harley, caterpillar, General Electric, and on and on. For every person you fire making over $100K, you hire two new employees making half that and you permanently get rid of most multilevel management so now less overhead and products are cheaper. Government can make our industry more efficient so america can be prosperous again.

    Turn off rush limbaugh and open your eyes.

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    • This is what happens when you raise the retirement age.

      Your logic I hiring two inexperienced people to replace a experienced person doesn't past the litmus test. The reason so many programs are in the trouble they are in is due to inexperienced management. Having read many of the press releases on troubled programs and doing a little research on these programs, most of the issues are from poor management.

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