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  • stocks2cheap stocks2cheap Dec 14, 2012 2:28 PM Flag

    I started working for Lockheed Martin in 1997 and I think LMT owes me nothing.

    Remember if you work hard and don't bite the hand that feeds you .. and saved for a rainy day things will workout for you ...STOP BLAMING Lockheed ....YOU can't controll the GOV cutbacks .

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    • Well I started working for this company in 1994 and I think they owe me a ton. They have sent me to some hell-holes around this globe doing installations that the locals would not even do. Sure I got paid, and paid well in some cases but I also gave up alot. I missed childrens birthdays, school events, and even a Christmas. I got called back from a well deserved vacation because "I was the ONLY person that could take care of the problem". My eventual divorce (in my opinion) was a direct effect of my job. I was always doing what I was told to do to "get me ahead with the company". I was promised the sky. After many vows and promises along with some some management shakeups, transfers, and resignations I am at the same place I was over 12 years ago and damned if I'm giving them anything more. Just my humble opinion.

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