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  • g.spot_master g.spot_master Mar 6, 2013 9:54 PM Flag

    LM's cost-cutting creating "brain drain"

    I heard that Lockheed's continued cost cutting (health care, benefits, pension, salary raises, training, gym membership, etc) is driving out their top talent, which has been having an effect on performance with their top programs like the F-35. Anyone else hear this?

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    • Bullcorn! Lockheed pays well and has flexible work hours. There will always be whiners and complainers but the fact is Lockheed treats its people well. I can't believe folks whine about losing the gym membership. When did that become Lockheed's responsibility? And they don't mention that if they get in the healthmiles program they can get up to $600 in their health savings account which more than makes up for the $250 gym reimbursement.

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      • Lockheed is the minimum wage of Aerospace.

      • Its not just the gym membership, its the whole, d.a_m!n mess. Its the attutides of the Joseph Goebbels type managers there

      • ballistic_trajectory_impact ballistic_trajectory_impact Mar 10, 2013 2:30 PM Flag

        The point being is corporations are always asking employees to give up something while at the same time taking those give backs and converting those savings into bonuses for the executives.

        Why don't you go ask the pentagon about what they think of Lockheeds mgt and ask yourself how anyone can get a bonus with the response

      • Companies should be concerned about enployees' health. It impacts premiums they pay due to unhealthy overworked employees (ultimately their bottom line & shareholders' rewards). Flex hours now means making up doctors' and dentist appointments, car appointments, etc (i.e., no personal business hours anymore), and also taking on more work due to unnecessary workforce reductions, making employees work extra hours for no pay. And for pay, raises have been 0 to 1.5% for years now. When you look at LM's recent performance on major programs, you have to believe their top talent's had enough and moved on to greener pastures.

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