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  • armageddon_ycqm armageddon_ycqm Apr 7, 2013 11:41 PM Flag

    Lockheed needs to cut dividend and fund their pension!

    Doesn't employees come first?

    The pending deficits of some companies amount to billions of dollars. At $19.7 billion, Boeing Co. (BA.N) had the largest shortfall among the 308 companies studied. General Electric (GE.N), Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N), and AT&T (T.N) also had shortfalls of more than $10 billion in fiscal 2012. Pension funding could be a risk that affects the future net earnings of these and other companies, Walker said.

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    • I believe these are some of the priorities at LM.
      1) Executive compensation (by what ever means necessary, like using funds that should be earmarked for pension payed out as dividends).
      2) Damage control in the form of reducing discrimination lawsuits.
      3) Steadily and systematically dismantle employee benefits.
      4) Push the legal envelope to the maximum extreme possible to minimize employee compensation while maximizing executive/shareholder compensation.
      5) Tout ethics while maximizing executive compensation while throwing employees under the bus.
      6) Cleverly disguise performance reviews to allow subjective appraisals which enables management to punish those they do not like. HR has been briefed to provide lip service to any complaints.

      Feel free to add any others you may know of.

    • No one is forcing LMT to meet their pension obligations. They are nder no obligation to give you anything once you walk out that door. Anyone not receiving a pension and/or under 50 is a fool to work at this place.

      Knowledge share is knowledge transfer. I won't mentor or bother ot train anyone to take my job.

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