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  • bengraham99 bengraham99 Jul 21, 2000 1:06 PM Flag

    Interesting "earnings" yesterday

    Washington Post article at discusses some of the means by which yesterday
    earnings were developed:

    "The extra
    operating income resulted from two second-quarter rocket
    launches that had not been expected until the third

    Given that explanation, the extra income "doesn't have
    any enduring meaning," Lehman Brothers Inc. analyst
    Joseph Campbell said. "But they seem to be on the target
    that they set for themselves earlier in the

    Does this mean that some earnings from 3Qtr were moved
    down to 2Qtr to make 2Qtr look good??? But doesn't
    that means 3Qtr won't have those

    "...The one-time items included a charge of $91 million
    associated with Globalstar Telecommunications Ltd.--a
    partnership backed by Lockheed Martin, Loral Space &
    Communications Ltd. and other companies--which failed to repay
    $250 million in loans. That loss was partially offset
    by a gain of $21 million from the reversal of a
    charge taken last year on a failed

    Does the above comment refer to the $35Million
    conjured up by saying that it would not cost as much to
    shut down Calcomp as was reserved a year or so ago?

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    • --I'm taking seriously those experts preaching
      caution. I'm half into LMT + ESOP, with the rest split up
      between the L-T Bond, ICA and Century Growth (in that
      order). Yes, it was a good opportunity to shuffle into &
      out of NP, but I think it will take a hit tomorrow.
      Think I'll go to zero on the C. Gr. Fund tomorrow;
      should have done it Monday, but was busy switching other
      funds right up to the close.

    • That takes a lot stronger stomach than shifting
      401K between LMT, NP & whatever. Also, to just leave a
      constant amount in an "aggressive growth fund" between
      April & the annual Oct crash takes a strong stomach
      also. If you want to take that approach, you are
      welcome to it. However, if that really is your mix, then
      you shouldn't be dissing me/us about the dangers of
      moving allocations around. Bye the way; when I say that
      I'd rather rely on the Naz high-tech drivers
      long-term, I'm mainly talking about doing it through mutual
      funds, NOT daytrading individual stocks.

    • I put all my Stable Value into NP yesterday . and
      made .67% on it today. My LMT (largest holdings) were
      most excellent fine at today's close and my little bit
      in the I.E. did about .53%. Could have hit the long
      ball if 100% LMT, but I feel ok making it spread out.
      The NP move is such a dead solid perfect lock! I see
      Skunk did the same. Regards and thanks again for the
      shuffle. Sam

    • have gotten in at the bottom, but certainly I
      didn't get out at the bottom either. I don't have to
      chase the 'hottest' investment fad. Just some solid
      value and growth stocks suites me fine couple a diverse
      portfolio. I don't have the time nor the wisdom nor the luck
      nor the stomach to be moving my investments around. I
      am diversified as much as I need to not worry that I
      may miss something.

      >>but I'd rather put
      my cash & faith in the Nasdaq high-tech

      I have money also in the nasdaq, but its part of my
      diversity - in certain emerging growth and aggressive
      mutual funds. Good luck to you.


    • ---stocks. LMT; for now, Yes. But as far as the
      sector, long-term, I don't view it as a good investment
      vehicle. Now, some here may view this as "traitorous", but
      I disassociate my stocks from my work. In my view,
      every single one of the stocks you mentioned will
      underperform the S & P over the next 5-10 years. Now, I hope
      I'm wrong about LMCorp, but I'd rather put my cash &
      faith in the Nasdaq high-tech drivers. Sorry if that
      disappoints you, but I believe there's a lot of growth left
      over the next decade, and the Defense stocks will not
      grow revenues very much at all.

    • 1 losing day, -5/16, in 11 trading days shows you maybe right. I believe today was defense day at the convention and GD/NOC/LOR/RTN.B all did super. Got to love it!

    • today and STRONG institutional support at 29-onward to 30.

    • The impact should be "mildly positive". My guesss
      has little to do with the specifics of the LMT/CQ
      deal though. It should have: (1) Little affect;
      because I'm on record as complaining that ALL LMT news
      gets leaked to the "important people"; and thus the
      majority of the impact is already in the stock; and (2) It
      should be mildly positive because it eliminates one more
      uncertainty; plus, being consistent with my theory the
      "important people" have already reacted favorable by pushing
      up the price over the last week.

    • If the LMT/CQ deal is finished and announced after close tomorrow, what effect there be on the stock the next day? Diluted?

    • Based largely on your referenced post, I am
      staying 40% in LMT (over 50% including ESOP). This is
      well above my "comfort zone", but the stock (and the
      aerospace sector) do continue to look strong. I still
      believe that the $30 to $34 area contains a lot of
      resistance, and that we may not get cleanly through it until
      after October; but, I still think it may outperform
      most other alternatives. Another 10% may seem like
      trivia to some, but I think that most of the market will
      be "marking time" at best through our annual Oct

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