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  • oracle_of_yomama oracle_of_yomama Mar 9, 2009 10:32 AM Flag

    Why UYG will prevail

    Great post on Seeking Alpha describes how hedge funds short the indices on which marks to market of mortgage securities are based, which increases the write-downs banks are forced to take, thereby enriching the hedge funds who have shorted the banks' stocks and gone long on the banks' credit default swaps in parallel.

    Once the Obama administration begins to understand how the mechanics of this work, they will surely take steps to spoil that party and when that happens, UYG will soar!

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    • Yomama - You assume that the One Big-Ass Mistake America (Obama) administration wants to see the market recover. That is likely to be a flawed assumption.

      They will intentionally keep this crisis going until it breaks the will of investors. Libs cannot operate without a crisis, and this administration is hell bent on making it as bad as possible. Their M.O. is to make things so bad that their radical agenda to de-populize, de-industrialize, and de-capitalize America becomes easier to sneak past the American people looking for "change" in a time of crisis.

      When he's done, you'll have nationalized health care, a carbon cap & rape tax (which will be entirely environmentally inconsequential), huge increases in energy costs, higher taxes and an embedded GDP growth retarder.

      Good job imbecile, liberal "hopey changey" Americans who voted for this socialist. You should know you screwed up when Hugo Chavez recognizes your move toward socialism and invites you to join him.

      What, didn't realize this was the "change" you were voting for? Too late. This is what you get when you have young idealists, liberal elites, and lazy welfare state parasites voting for a living.

      You asked for it, liberals. You got it. Obama.

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