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  • camansisl camansisl Mar 16, 1998 12:48 PM Flag

    NYSE Resumption ??

    Can anyone please describe the kind of situation(s) that a "news" item like today's is? The item just reads 43,600 shares at 43 1/4. Is the stock somehow stopped trading just to fill this order? I'm just interested in learning more.

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    • I just love a good stock. That's all. When you make 100, 1000. OR 10,000.oo dollars every time the stock goes up 1.00 you be happy too. You leave very good message on the board and give great advice too. I enjoy reading your messages. And yes i do invest in NASSAQ ... DELL , INTEL, ect. and make money and enjoy it to the fullest. I would say more , but i don"t want to give my self away?
      Good advice......stick with SLM it will make you a lot of money in the long run.......

    • Does SLM pay you to lead their Yahoo! pep rallies? If you're so exhuberent, have an abundance of cash or a generous margin account, why not rally behind some of the NASDAQ technologies that historically and still significantly outperform SLM? Do you know something about this company that the rest of us don't?

    • N ext week i'm buying more, this stock looks to damn good !!!
      Anybody know or heard about first quarter ??
      Any comments or good news!!

    • Based on SLM's EPS growth history, which has been attractive over the past decade, I agree this is a stock to accumulate.
      The question today and over the next several quarters is: does the new management have a creative and demonstratable business
      strategy to sustain (and preferably grow) those levels? There are strengthening indications that the government's Direct Lending (DL)
      programs will further deteriorate, placing In some cases) an undesirable and unmanageable load on SLM. If forced to pick up some of
      the DL "fall out", it would have a measurable negative impact on the yield of SLM's future loan purchases/conslidations.

      I continue to look at my SLM shares as solid, with some near-term growth (despite it's subjection to external and uncontrollable risks) but not as a long term (greater than one year) holding.

    • What does this mean, anyone ?

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      • I really don't know either but it didn't trade for about the first fifteen minutes than the first trade went at app.43 1/4.
        It was a little strange.I had picked up shares late Friday at 41 .
        This morning I had a buy order at 41.for my girlfriends account(bid 40 7/8- ask 41 1/8).I keep checking and checking with no trades then boom 43 1/4.She didn't get SLM that's for sure.

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