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  • zoomlik zoomlik Oct 18, 2013 7:45 AM Flag

    Equitable relief has potential for much more monetary loss to BDX than

    Monetary gain for RVP .. That is , if judge orders so that market opens up to different players on an equal basis, BDX could lose biz to a number of players

    Since, BDX is not likely to buy RVP, I think it will go a long way to settle with RVP .. I think I have been underestimating the value of equitable relief that could be given to all market players

    My model assumes $340M monetary and $60 for legal cost and prejudgment interest
    Equitable relief impact could be around $1B to BDX and $100M to RVP

    Thoughts ??

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    • How did u get to 1B IMPACT to BD FOR EQUITABLE RELIEF

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      • I sort of made it up as follows .. I said if equitable relief results in RVP to recover compensatory damages over next 10 years or add $100M of profit, it can only be obtained by forcing BDX to changes it's biz practice and stop the exclusion practices that has helped keep other players out.

        Since BDX has a large market share, it will be impacted much more loss than that gained by RVP by other players activities in this field. I assumed 10 times ore so $1B .. It could be 5 times more, so could be $500M

        But my point was BDX better work on settling with RVP before judge makes an equitable relief on BDX to changes it selling method. And, RVP better to use this bargainin chip to settle for the largest sum possible and have BDX just open the market to RVP and not others

        It is best for both. Parties to settle and not open the market to other players

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