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Perfect World Co., Ltd. (PWRD) Message Board

  • yoonyoungjo Feb 26, 2013 11:26 AM Flag

    *Questionable Company, Questionable Ethics*

    Again, this company has lost the faith of its entire user base. This company is WELL KNOWN amongst gamers for using their Terms of Service to defraud them. They also use sponsored/fake players in their products. Now even going as far as publicly threatening me (either the company or one of their thousands of sponsored players) if I do not stay quiet. SEE: "Neverwinter Alert" for the full story. Also, again I do not expect anyone to believe me, nor am I forcing anyone to believe me. I merely this information as that, information. This is still a FREE COUNTRY, and it is every individuals choice, as to how they accept the information. Thank You & God Bless.

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    • also need to say this low life kid has nothing better to do in life than post all over the internet about how mad he is at perfect world (again, for banning him). he claims that perfect world has threatened to kill him LOLLOLOL. this kid cannot be older than 12. he's posting hilarious stuff on IGN forums accusing the company of trying to murder him

    • This kid got banned from one of their games and in a fit of entitled 12 year old kid rage is trying to make the company look bad online. this no life kid got put in his place when he tried making these comments on seeking alpha. putting you on ignore so i dont see your stupid posts anymore.

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      • yoonyoungjo Feb 27, 2013 1:14 AM Flag

        Resorting to name calling?

        Are you a professional MMO company or a bunch of wanna be thugs?

        Perfect World Entertainment is known for the following:
        Defrauding Consumers because you agree to allow them to DEFRAUD/CHEAT you in their Terms of Service.
        Using Sponsored/Fake Players in their products to CHEAT/DEFRAUD customers. Again, because you agree to allow it in their Terms of Service.
        Issuing threats, to keep me from saying negative facts about Perfect World Entertainment.

        *This is not an MMO company, this is a band of wanna-be thugs who enjoy defrauding "lunch money" as they say, from children. This is Perfect World Entertainment.

        * By the way I was banned OVER 2 YEARS AGO.. Because I pointed out the fact they could ban a :paying customer" for making 3 small purchases from a 3rd Party Gold Farming Website, yet the Chinese Gold Farming Site remained in operation the entire time. (They were still in operation as of recently as well). THEY UNBANNED ME QUICK.

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