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  • riskreversal777 riskreversal777 Nov 7, 2012 2:51 PM Flag

    Oil is doing opposite of the facts, Romney win, more drilling, now less, higher prices

    on the way

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    • your silly, 'USA is the only country in the world that matters' posts are meaningless in a global economy where oil is a commodity priced on global demand. More or less drilling in the USA will not make any significant difference to the price of oil.

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      • "your silly"
        I'd rather be "silly" than wrong, liza. You're wrong.
        What matters is sentiment about supply and demand. You still don't get that. When oil dropped from 150 to 40 a few years ago in just a couple of months, it wasn't because "global supply" or demand changed that dramatically. It's because once the price started to fall, speculators didn't want to be the last one off the sinking ship. That's always how it happens with a bubble.
        U.S. is still largest oil consumer. When it looks like consumption or supply from the U.S. will change, it affects prices globally. Also, I've already explained here how OPEC has been controlling U.S. oil PRODUCTION (yes production) for at least 40 years.

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