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  • bena.dick bena.dick Dec 28, 2012 3:03 PM Flag

    Why a Disconnect with Stocks and Oil Speculators.

    How could the economy be almost down and out, and seems to be going off a Cliff ? Why are oil and Gasoline up while the Markets have take hits and expects a downbeat economy? Why did we have a Gasoline build 3 weeks in a row and Gasoline went up 28 cents in 2 weeks? Why is oil going up when Americans would geting $100 less per week paid if we go over the Cliff and Oil stocks are up? ? Why are oil and gasoline even up when the Markets already taken almost 500 points down? Something is not right with it. Will we see a FLASH CRASH in Commodities? It must happen or else Inflation will eat us alive with this Cliff. Oil and Gasoline must head down before we get choked off economically again.

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    • Oil speculators are retards. They just chase their own tails and have no economic understanding.

      The good news is that eventually oil will head downwards due to some little trigger, and the speculators will chase their own tails down, and oil will fall VERY hard.

      We'll see $50 (wti) oil again.... and maybe even as low as $25 - $35 if the economic situation grows worse.

      Oil dropped to $33 in similar circumstances just 4 years ago.

      It could be worse this time because China is more shaky this time. Last time, China's strength helped keep oil from dropping harder, but China is on the verge of BIG trouble now.

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      • ext4r. I have long heard that China's economy were propped up by US Companies. Now that American Companies are leaving China for USA, they are going throught what is called a rebuilding within itself. They do have Major Banking problems and Banks can Implode anytime. China's growth canno't sustain 7 % growth, they canno't even sustain 4% without Subsidies by their Governments. I see that China's economy continues its downfall after the hollodays because of a housing bubble, banks stress and major unwinding of Trades with China and the World. I see a Major Global collapse if the Taxhikes and Austerity continues in USA. We will most definetly have a Global Depression which would destroy every economy. Oil will fall swiftly along with gasoline. I would suspect that traders will get burnt in a very hard way if they are too greedy.

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