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  • sdowney1 sdowney1 Jan 7, 2013 3:35 PM Flag

    Raymond James says oil going to drop to 65 in 2013

    Are we headed for a deflationary recession?
    The US needs oil to go up to save the planet from 'carbooining' itself to death, HAHA.

    I sure want oil to go down a lot more than that.. Or why not just let the FEDS give everyone a lot of free cash to buy lots of energy oil and gasoline. the FEDs took money out of our paychecks more I think due to the government being stupid and stupid people spend money on other stupid people, a dumb idea. Keep the entitlements on a rising tide and penalize those who do real work to feed the slackers.

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    • sdowney, I know you will appreciate this ... something I posted on a different mb about the direction of the country and our illustrious President. This was in response to another post about Obama saying to Boehner in a closed-door meeting, "we don't have a spending problem". (Can you believe that?!)

      When your vision for America is that of a European-style social democracy (ESSD), his statement makes sense. The US is currently in the top 10% of nations relative to debt to GDP - up there with Greece and Italy and at the highest level of tax to GDP that we have been in our history, save WWII. Obama does not care. I used to think that his goal was to destroy America. I'm not sure about that anymore. I think he will GET there, just not intentionally. I think Obama's plan is to make us a ESSD, (which will, in time bring us to our knees - he just doesn't think so, but he's wrong), but given our history, how do you get there? Well, first, realize that the force of liberal progressivism has now grown to a point where people ON THIS MB think that ESSD is a good thing. When you have a sufficient number of citizens who think that a ESSD is a good thing, (and you can do that by making them dependent on government, which he has now accomplished as the last election demonstrated) then all you have to do is kill off any opposition. That is the Republican party, and that is what he is in the process of doing now. The method? The oldest tactic in the playbook. "Divide and Conquer". Used effectively by Julius Ceasar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and many others. He was successful with it on the "Fiscal Cliff" by pitting the Tea Party against the rest of the house, and he is using it again with the nomination of Chuck Hagel. Get the Republicans squabbling with one another. When the division is deep enough, he can potentially take the house in 2014. A couple of SCOTUS appointments later, and there are no holds barred toward ESSD and Democrats as far as the eye can see. There is only one way that Republicans can thwart this and that is to somehow grow up enough to become united against it. That's going to require compromise - not with Democrats, but with each other.

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