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  • jjjjjm1965 jjjjjm1965 Jan 17, 2013 11:09 AM Flag

    Im out.

    Good luck all. IMO

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    • You are wise if you were short. If you were long, you should have held on. Israeli elections next week. After that, something will have to be done about Iran. They are trying to develop a nuke, even though they say they are not. Obama trying to run out the clock for Iran thinking he can "contain" Iran like N Korea. Difference between N Korea and Iran is that N Korea wanted to blackmail the international community for food and fuel and be able to say they belonged to the nuke club. They have no intention of using them. Iran, on the other hand, fully intends on using them to wipe Israel off of the planet. A-Jad even said a couple of years ago that they would test their first nuke on Israel. That is a threat Israel does not take likely. Sometime between now and March, Israel will attack, with or without the US. The current Iranian leadership are what you call twelvers. They believe in bringing on end times to bring in the 12th Imam. They know Israel will retaliate, but Israel will not just stop with Iran, they will nuke every country they see as a threat to their existence. That is the real danger, how many other countries will be dragged into a nuclear war. WWIII could actually be brought on by Obama's lack of vision and action.......

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