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  • tmatthews69 tmatthews69 Feb 6, 2013 11:31 AM Flag

    Demand for oil is low idea why we still see oil a 30 year high for Feb

    Oil should trade below $50 at this time of the year . Huge manipulation going on in oil market !

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    • net long specualtive positions have never been higher, banks are not manipulating mortgages anymore cause they don't write them they have beeen focusing on oil since it was 40 a bbl in 2009. they have been funneling fed dollar into oil on a steady basis to try to spur inflation per the we can thenk the fed and TBTF for the coming recession

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      • in order for our banks to remain solvent they need to put themselves squarly in the middle of a huge flow of assets, for years it was the mortgage markets, once that market was saturated they began to focus even more assets and effort into the energy markets, as there is ample flow of assets for them to reap huge profits, image if they hoarded milk or some other commodity they had to be consumed....they love oil it can be hoarded and stored easily manipulated with a few well placed news stories and if there appears to be a decline in demand they blow up a few refineries and that causes gas to spike which keeps their oil investments in the green...very simple

    • demand is at record levels and expected to rise by another 1mb/d in 2013.
      Global demand is almost 15mb/d more than actual global crude oil production and only other liquids (biofuels, NG liquids, etc) is making up the difference, even though they have lower energy content than crude oil.

      It's clear why you have 'no idea' because your premises are totally wrong.

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