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  • spike50fan5 spike50fan5 Mar 6, 2012 11:21 AM Flag

    Can someone fill me in on what IBIO does?

    In laymans terms.

    It looks like it's about to explode on the technical chart.

    Looks like $2.00 is a possibility.

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    • $2.00 will be here soon.

    • They are a Pump & Dump buyer beware!!!!!!!

    • the lead scientist from our research collaborating partner that developed this technology will be a future nobel prize winner for societal contribution to culture - developing The Platform (ibiolaunch) to Produce All Biologics - vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, et al - quicker, cheaper, and better, overcoming inherent limitations of traditional methods- the antithesis of the maltushian model. This technology is patented and its use has garnered additional ip lending to a strong portfolio. While this platform can be used to create new drugs, vaccines, biologics, and be licensed to do so, it can also be licensed to produce/manufacture drugs et al currently approved. This technology is the murder weapon of mammalian cell reactors and related methods and has the potential to democratize healthcare on a global scale. The company has received non-dilutive funding from the Gates Foundation who has selected the ibiolaunch platform as the method for producing vaccines for NTD's and to achieve millennium development goals. The DOD, Darpa, DTRA, BARDA has also provided non-dilutive funding for validation and cultivation of this technology with respect to counter bioterrorism measures, surge capacity, and pandemic threat. Additional grants from both sources are highly likely in the near term. While the platform and technology has been validated, the business model has not yet due to imo- regulatory hurdles, lack of capital. These have been addressed head on through additional research and publications by team Yusibov and injection through private placement. The first plant based biologic is most likely to be approved MAY 1. This has slowly been changing and guidance has slowly been established within the industry, FDA, EMA as plant-based candidates have advanced through the pipeline and governments and economies face impending contraction. My feeling is that there will be additional streamlining of this process built on demonstrations of bioequivalency and previously published data as well as partnering with large pharma (hopefully it is not due to pandemic/terrorism act). The company has licensed a yellow fever vaccine candidate to FIOCRUZ over a year ago with royalties and 6mm commitment, however nothing has visibly transpired and no additional deals have been made. That being said, by year end, Fiocruz will be building a technology center for the utilization of the ibiolaunch platform and will be advancing additional candidates. The company has received a recent cash injection which will provide funding to continue operations for 2 years at great cost to existing shareholders.

      It is about to explode.

    • anything is possible.

      .00 is a possibility too.

    • Yeah, they grow plants.

      stop being lazy.

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