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  • delweine delweine Apr 5, 2012 3:24 PM Flag

    Why are you selling?

    you wont be happy monday

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    • "just check my track record, especially with Antares Pharma (AIS)" LMAO!!! Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a blue moon...LOSER PUMPTARD!!!

    • it based on catalyst movement, and my long time experience in correctly predicting price moves based on this factor. I run various spread sheets to compare similar companies, floats, short interest and run the numbers. Most of the time I am right, but obviously not always. I hope you get rich here. this is one heck of a massive potential multi bagger here if the company executes correctly. Being skeptical is cool, just check my track record, especially with Antares Pharma (AIS), GL!

    • julian, you are new to me , of course, and I've known delwine [scott] for a good bit longer thru AIS...I find you exceptionally interesting in the knowledge of your stock and I can also speak very highly of Scott as well in his professional approach, so I would hope that you feel fairly comfortable with him here...indeed this will be interesting, and speaking from a physician point of view more so than investor, I can say how much needed and welcome this technology is.

    • i didn't say anything about a boiler room. im skeptical that you are both pumping and pumping another pumper, or vice versa, in advance of any knowledge of anything to do with the company. its just odd and coincidental.

      while the decline was do in part to excercising as you suggest, which will be ongoing to an extent, it was also do in part to plx delay, general market conditions as they pertain to investment in r&d as well as by capital markets, capital crisis, and lack of forward movement with the singular licensee, or potential of another deal to be executed before plx approval/ capital crisis- vicious cycle. in part because of the necessity to build a factory for anything monetarily to be projected from that contract. It seems as though there may have been loop holes in the contract signed with Fiocruz that required gap-filling measures pertaining to the construction of the commercial production facility, furnishing, et al. This has been sorted. Additionally, Fiocruz will be looking to commercially produce other ibiolaunch produced candidates. This will be moving forward and I expect an announcement about this in 2012. There is significant need for our product, and there is significant market demand and associated value. No other plant-expression platform is as well-positioned as IBIO is for the PLX candidate's approval, which will no doubt cause a renewed, reinvigorated flow of investment into the PMP space...shine a light on the light. This is a very interesting situation, where another company's binary event is such a major positive for this company. Our method is better, faster, cheaper- they will have an approved candidate that will inevitably struggle with the realities of commercialization, but they will have an approved candidate and they also have others in clinical phases. It will surely make for some interesting trading. I refer to the PLX candidate as the gateway drug for the paradigm shift into plant-made pharmaceuticals, demonstrating feasibility and approvability and efficacy. Additionally, bioequivalency is a top-line agenda item for the FDA in 2012.

      Within a couple of months, the company will sign a deal in the plasma space.

      Expecting news re african sleeping sickness (gates), malaria phase 1 submission, results of h5n1 phase 1, additional grants by DTRA at the very least. additional IP, HPV, and quite possibly an additional licensing deal with a company in japan or india, like the serum institute of India, for example.

      I expect that in 2012 the company will show the ability and potential to generate upfront fees, potential for recurring rev, and will be able to replicate/validate the business model. If PLX isn't approved, that will obviously not be good for us. We are completely different companies, completely different business models, completely different methods, and regardless, it will not be the end of the plant-expression platform. PLX candidate will be approved.

      What modeling/valuation software are you using for arriving at your targets, or are they simply arbitrary or based on historic volatility?

      While we seem to be on the same side of the trade at present, I am skeptical of your approach.

      this really should be an interesting few weeks.

      good luck everyone.

    • this company has very cutting edge tech. my article will reflect that., i dont run a boiler room if u are refering to me Julian. long term stock appreciation will be based on this company's ability to execute a biz plan. part of that proper execution is gaining a partner in some degree or another, and/or non dilutive proper financing.. its deal with roth is a positive step with restricted shares. however, i would point out a serious ps decline from over 5 to under 80 cents a share due in large part to dumping excersized shares. so the company does need to produce results.. my coverage is interested in both long term speculation and short term catalyst trading with the tie in to PLX. otherwise, i have no intention on raining on anyones parade so to speak. GL!

    • Anything in cutting edge technology can go balistic quickly, especially in health care. Look at charts for intuitive surgical, I think they were under $10 not many years ago, now I think over $400. MAKO also has had rapid run up, both are in health care field with technology that is top line with not lots of competion, IBIO and PLX seem to fit that category also. Not comparing to the lottery, but this might be something that could pay out lottery type money if successful. I think risk reward here is much, much better than lottery

    • I agree Julian "boiler room" possibly but the company "Mr Erwin" and your DD keeping us longs informed is why this company will get to see its true value reflected.

      If IBIO gets to 3/share prior 5/1/12 we could easily get back to 5/share on tac approval.

      Julian keep up the great work, Silver checked these guys out a little "hes an IT guy and can trace everything on these boards" he says Mo and the folk sisters are "good big money" I believe him.

    • pardon the different name on previous email, wife was on computer, forgot to change name. I or no one else wants any credit for Ibio. I stumbled onto it and INO around the same time. After DD, I gradually became more sold on this company. I am a very small time investor who is trying to get a son thru college. Over the past 12 years, I have been beaten down by the big money people who control wall street. I thought in late 90s I was home free with an early retirement. Were you around during the dot com fiasco. If you dont know, the nasdac rose to 5000. It is currently at around 3100. I started a come back, and was doing nice, then in 2009, the economic colapse ruined me again. Did I give up? No! I vowed to come back again. I guess I am a slow learner, because I came back better than ever, but last year, because of the Japan earthquake, the so called big money trumped Europe as a reason for our market to sell off several times. Also, remember the politalized hysteria of the debt limit, check the markets on those days. Bottom life, I am not a quitter. They wiped me out several timesw, but I learned from the speeches of Churchill, in case yoy dont know, he was instrumental in saving the western world, meaning us, in WW2. I do not believe in giving up. Therefore, I use my knowledge, and the tools at my disposal, to learn all I can. I feel IBIO has a lot going for it. If big money and big knowledge happens to learn something from my work, more power to them., especially if I am in a position to benefit. Besides telling the INO folks of my choice to sell and move over here, I was already here, I just doubled up, but also I posted several notices on this board of what I thought was maybe happening here. It was very clear with the recent patent announcements and other news. One would have to be blind to miss that. therefore, after yesterday, with the narkets tanking and IBIO holding strong, with my many years of stock market experience, I suspected a break out may be in the works. Therfore, I started sprading the word, that is what part of message boards are for. You should be happy, because , it seems, big money people checked it out and figured it out. Even though I gave yall heads up, only a hand full of longs contacted me to thank me, sorry that many of you missed the messages. I would say this, be ready monday morn, I think you will have time before the masses become aware. It is a long weekend, I am very tired, will be active all weekend, and am very excited about OBIO. I think this is called being discovered. If you are long and loaded, enjoy the ride. GLTA

    • its obvious that you('re crew) are trying in advance to take credit for work and effort that is not yours. The success of this company has nothing to do with you and it will be successful on its own right, not because of whatever it is that you are or are not doing, but because it is The PLatform to Produce ALL Biologics, recombinant proteins et al, BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER -providing a significant global health benefit, meeting significant global demand- overcoming inherent limitations of traditional incumbent methods.

      money on the money.

      in all of the persistent petulant price pumping, not one of your crew is referencing anything about the business model or development, execution, product or results- let alone comparison to an influx in action related to another company's probable binary event. Not one of you has contributed insight, research or diligence, and yet you arrive at such a, lets call it 'opportune', juncture. Just a guarantee of an unforseen event that will be positive on Mon. So, Who is going to win the superbowl?

      Obviously shady.

      I am fully supportive of positive price action.

      good luck everyone

    • Hmmm.Delwenny you would not be taking money under the table again to pump a stock with Seeking Alpo then sell it out from under these people would you? You have never done that before.......have you?

      **I would be extremely careful here folks.Delwenny writes articles for pops with stocks then they head right back down where they came from before he got started.He can be a stock manipulator at times**

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