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  • samsaricsufferer samsaricsufferer Apr 8, 2012 4:56 PM Flag

    Found during IBIO DD.

    I found this site and the following report while doing my DD on IBIO.

    The site appears to pose as a shareholder advocacy organization yet shorts stocks as evidenced by this statement on their site:

    When TheStreetSweeper publishes an investigative report, or issues a free email alert about an upcoming story, it always discloses any short positions it holds in the companies examined in those articles. Specific details about those short positions -- including the stock, the number of shares sold short and the price at which those shares were sold -- are listed below. TheStreetSweeper will update this page, reflecting any changes to those short positions and reporting the details of those follow-up trades, on a regular basis.

    What do you make of any of this? Are they paid bashers?

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    • thanks, then this looks like a near to mid term positive story, with heads up for possible volitility in next 3 weeks, leading into PLX date. I would not be surprised to see huge spike up next few days, especially if overall markets can turn around during the day tomorrow, or tuesday.

    • positive news for plx would like mean a triple from this stocks current price.. failure would see this stock, barring that ibio does not get a partner before then, somewhere where it is now. i think this stock could run to 2.20 right before the pLX tag FDA decision. i think it will be approved as of what i see right now. so around 4 on approval for plx's tag', 1.30 or so on failure, 2.00 -2.30 if ibio either gets a big pharma partner before may 1st and/or new STRONG positive clinical data on ibiolaunch.

    • scott, just looking into the future, and assuming IBIO get run up into may 1, what do you see happening with ibio sp if plx gets good news, and also, what if they get negative news. What numbers do you see on sp? Also, how are patents valued?

    • its really hard to say right now. now, the futures are tanked. however, that can change between now and the opening bell in more than 12 hours from now, some data coming out tomorrow that will effect over all markets. my guess, and only a guess right now is a slight gap up here maybe to 1.40 -1.45, if that. but one can never know if this company has some news before the bell that can change everything either way. ill have a better picture in the morning tomorrow, GL!

    • now read this >> note those shares cannot be excersized for one year. if the stock is over 88 cents in jan 2012, roth can sell them to the open market. until then, those 15 million shares are restricted from anything else. roth would have an interest therefore TO SEE THE STOCK PRICE TRIPLE or more. shorting it would not be in their best interest. whatever the stock price difference between 88 cents and the jan 2013 price is, roth gets as they would beging to dump those shares. u tell me whats in their best interest?

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      • On July 26, 2011 the Company filed with the SEC a Registration Statement on Form S-3 under the Securities Act, which was declared effective by the SEC on July 28, 2011. This Registration Statement allows the Company, from time to time, to offer and sell shares of common stock, preferred stock, warrants to purchase its securities and/or debt securities, up to a maximum aggregate amount of $100 million of such securities. The Company used this Registration Statement to complete the January 13, 2012 offering, described in Note E to the condensed unaudited financial statement. The Company does not have immediate plans to further use this Shelf Registration Statement, but may in the future.

        the above is very common for a developmental bio. all these companies have shares on the shelf for emergencies and the company used some with roth, and those shares again are restricted. how dilutive is ibio? 30 million OS? compare that to others.. management here has actually avoided diluting.. compare this company to ZLCS for instance. even AEZS/KERX. 3 bios people should never be buying, except or a catalyst trade/

    • the article you reference was written; by Melissa Davis - 12/14/2011 11:38:47 AM

      IBIO stock price on 12/14/2011;

      Dec 14, 2011 1.03 1.03 0.94 1.03 54,000

      1.03. follow? that article written long after the fact and refering to issues when the stock was over 5 dollars 9 months prior! thats deceptive. for instance, this deceptive writer references now if she wrote the article in jan 11. when the prospectus was issued, then she would be writing an honest piece.. this piece she is back running as evident of the date she wrote the article which anyone can clearly see the stock price was not 5 anymore, but near 1 dollar, and i agree, the company did dump a lot of shares into weak bids and volume... now, do the math and see how many shares they hold that are left to sell? 1 million shares in nov 11 registered, the rest have already been dumped so to speak to raise money. most if not all of the 1 million have been dumped as well.. show me a new filing with new warrants/shelf offering? i cant find any.

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      • unlike that author, who writes clear hack pieces, i write pieces on current conditions, if this company decided to offer more shares in warrants/prospectus offering, u can bet i would change my tune really fast. now, the focus should be the short term PLX tie in catalyst, you will see my 2 articles tomorrow under the feed here from seeking alpha.. u can reference my author profile = Scott Matusow.. check my record out and see how i am at making stock picks.

    • my article coming out references the stock price decline, of course they sold warrants to pay themselves, should they work for free? but its 1 million shares that were sold into weaker volume when the stock hit 1.96, long after the original decline, and long after all the offerings are long since gone. the article is deceptive, because it was written after the fact. check historical prices and match up with article date. i would agree at that point, no one should have been buying IBIO and no one basically did, as warrants from 1.96 were dumped into a weak bid and volume, taking the pps down to 77 cents.. since then, the stock has been doing fine, and there are not any recent warrant issuances i could find. clinical trials have been showing good DATA, and a catalyst play or PLX is in order as well to take this pps around 2 bucks soon in my opinion.

    • they have questionable people in their company who have been investigated before. they are a trading group masquerading around as investigative journalists

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      • That is what it felt like to me. Shorts and bashers masquerading as a citizen watchdog group. Much like all those faux grassroots political organizations that are fronts for particular industry advocacy groups. IBIO's tech is compelling. That part I understand completely. If it proves to be as scalable as stated it is a technological inflection point.

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