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  • silverback719 silverback719 Apr 11, 2012 7:55 AM Flag

    Pump and dump wacos we'll see whose here 5/2

    another note Dr Yusibov presenting at world vaccine congress alot of big pharma attending this week.

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    • Great thanks! Now don't let the door hit you in the @ss!
      SEE YA!

    • Three trading days this was trading like they had the only cure for AIDS.This article comes out stating something about 900 million in revenue and the thing sells off that day in the afternoon.Have you MORONS ever heard buy the rumor,sell the news.No I do not own any of this stock in any fashion,form of way.But what I can tell you,is this will slowly make a snails craw up to 2.50 before your big planned party day of May 1st before the helium will be let out of the balloon.At that time I will have a large SHORT position in place.As I have stated many times before,if this company had(will have) the products that they are promising,people would be knocking their door down for a piece of the action.AND it would not be sitting at A BUCK! As far as the Gates foundation involved.Whoopie Doo! They have their name plastered with all kinds of sites as a way of looking good to the public.Bill is one of the richest people living on planet earth.Its all about perception.Look good in the public eye and know one will come knocking you down.Get my point?

      In a month or two and this is still stuck in the buck territory I will come by again and say hello.Until then,consider yourself warned!

      I am Shadow and I approve this message 8)

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      • Chicken Little! You watch too many cartoons! I guess ((((NOTHING)))) has ever been invented or bucked the trend ("the norm") in the past. ((((NOTHING))))

        People like you sit back..react and call (((BS))) meanwhile - Capitalism persists and the people who are willing to take risks (at times) do win!

        NOW..................get the f--k out of here @hole and comeback if/when you are right because as of right now; you're wrong and this "pump and dump" broke the 200dma in a very precarious market! I guess that means ((((NOTHING)))) too?

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