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  • jesse.livermore jesse.livermore Apr 12, 2012 12:16 PM Flag


    I have had a love affair with Trangenics since the mid 90s. But Transgenics is a coy lover, not at all kind and accomidating. Transgenics is more like Rapunzel, irresistible, but locked up by some witch high in a tower beyond reach..How can a concept which is so good be so frustrating, and so ignored by the drug industry for so long..The advantages of trangenic production of complex protein bioceuticals, are enormous. It is cheaper, more versatile, scalable, can produce greater quanity, and is more reliable.

    So why has transgenics been such a failure in the drug industry and the financial markets. GTCB was an entry into the field. They used transgenically modified goats expressed high concentrations of the targeted bioceutical in their milk..One goat could match the outcome of a vat factory..Me and Dew Dilligence from the Ihub board followed this stock religously. They eventually got an FDA approval for transgenically produced Antithrombin3, (Atryn), but this was not enough to save the company after all the malignant dilutions required to survive the endless FDA process. They were eventually canabalized by one of their partners. Dew was very bitter about the whole thing and Geoff Cox, who was the CEO, heads the list as of dew's worst biotech CEOs. I do not think it was really Cox's fault, I simply think he did not believe how insensative the whole Drug industry was to issues such as production costs and how important the issue of time is in the FDA process.

    This is why I was so excited about hearing about IBIO's rapid method of creating transgenics..But after vetting this company, I am very skeptical.. GTCB had a real organization, research scientists, real patents, facilities includind an FDA approved farm, as wll as partners that contributed to them, rather than the reverse. GTCB made progress through the FDA process, did not deligate the production to others...Still this was not enough.
    GTCB lasted from the mid 90s to around 2009 which is longer than IBIO...I see no activity on the part of the pricipals of this company 5that would suggest they are serious about building a real thriving company. While not ruling out a brief flurry in the PPS related to PLX's FDA approval...I see no reason to buy this issue for long term..

    ":>) JL

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    • Just some old post for the newbies to read up on.The guy that wrote this must be one smart cat ;)

    • ............

    • BUMP!!!

    • I too have read his posts nice to have him here very well read!

    • I follow the AMRN message board, where Jesse.livermore is a very highly respected expert. He has occasionally discussed his background there, including his degrees from MIT and Harvard Medical School. His technical discussions there, often in depth with other doctors, confirm that level of education. I also enjoy his intelligent insights about investing.

      I hesitate to insert myself into other people’s discussions, but when I see him called a basher (despite saying IBIO is likely to go up short term) and his credentials crudely questioned, I felt compelled to say something.

    • Most of this thread is sad.

      My bona fides are as follows. I went a top 25 ranked university in the US. I was a biology major who had completed all the credits for a BS in Biology. I intended to pursue a PhD in Biology in molecular genetics. I took an honors research course working in the lab of a full professor with a Ph. D in biology from Yale. I was tasked with splicing a tryptophan synthetase gene from Candida albican into a tryptophan synthetase lacking mutant of Coprinus lagopus. At the time, a gene from a nonfilamentous fungus ( C. albicans ) had never been spliced into a filamentous fungus (C. lagopus). I found out that I did not have the temperament for research science as a result. I transferred to pharmacy school at the same university completing that degree. I work now as a pharmacist.

      Why did I just tell you all of that? I wanted to clearly show two things. I have both formal education and real experience "splicing genes". I have a professional education and years of experience dealing with drugs, their chemical and biologic properties, production, et cetera. I understand iBIO's technology.

      SImply stated they use a plant virus as the vector to introduce the gene for the desired target protein into the host plants as ssDNA, single stranded DNA. This ssDNA is subsequently copied by mRNA and the protein expression begins. This ssDNA is not introduced into the host plants genome.


      Rather is has had its normal ribosomal protein expression co opted to express the target protein directly from the vector introduced ssDNA. The plants are then grown like any other plants. The resultant crop is harvested. The biomass is finely shredded and the desired proteins extracted.

      The benefits include lower costs of production and faster production turn around times. Plants are much easier to grow and maintain than mammalian cell culture lines or bioreactors of bacterial soup. We have pretty much mastered that technology (agriculture) in the last 10,000 years.

      All that being said, Dr. L had some points that should be considered. Name calling is not very adult and certainly is not a part of a rational, reasonable disputation of the facts. Agree to disagree and grow up. Just because you are anonymous on this board does not vacate your responsibilities to others regarding basic civility. Grant the other person their right to be wrong. I am sure we have all exercised our rights to do so.

      I am long iBIO but let me be clear about this.

      NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH A STOCK !!! Always be willing to revisit your investment thesis.

    • Only a whiner would put someone on ignore.Juluis,why not stand tall and act like a man who says he has done countless hours of research on IBIO? Unless you know what others here know too and that is this company is nothing more than a hope and dream!

      Put Up or Shut Up 8)

    • i did successfully argue the facts

      then, i referred you to the definition of dooshbag. seemed like a well articulated summation.

      you're 'credentials' are worthless based on some of the erroneous fabrications and deliberately misleading posts in your 5 day history here.

      If you actually had real and legitimate credentials, and were actually legitimately intelligent- why would you spend your time as a message board stock that's highly imaginative.

      you are back on ignore for good.

    • Dr. Jesse,

      I would rather you stopped replying to the bullies.

      If you can't see how much money they are going to make, you are blind and that's the end of the story as far as they are concerned.

      Also, please don't disclose any personal information on a public board.

    • julian..

      When you can not successfully argue the facts...Then why not try a personal attack. "Douchebag" is simply a degrogatory term used by people who have limited immaginations.

      As far as my credentials are concerned,I'm sure you wont take my word for them..go to the Ihub biotech values board and ask DewDilligence..he and I both live in Wellesley Ma..and he might clue you in if you asked. You could tell him I said it was not want him using my name..that's all.

      ":>) JL

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