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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Apr 30, 2012 8:36 AM Flag

    Question re friday closing price?

    First let me say to those blindly saying PLX approva is a done deal, you either are a rookie in bios or have no sense of memory. And if you do, you must understand how nagative fda decisions can impact a stock sp. But, if you play it correctly, even a negative vote can make you money if you play it right, If you really believe in IBIO and their ideas, make sure to have plenty of dry powder handy for when the cecision comes down. As crazy as it sounds, right now, if they truly have what they say they do, one , in the long run, could benefit more by a PLX rejection and an , as expected, huge drop in IBIO, sp. As you guys know, a lot of stock market decisions are knee jerk responses, which leaves savvy money a free opp to get shares cheap. So, actually, I view this PLX decision as a win/win for ibio. The publicity in the past 2 weeks has done a lot for ibio, and if , as Julian portrays, they are the real deal, we have a winner regardless of plx. Back to the issue inquestion, can some one tell me how a company as used by so many, including all of you reading this, can post such different figures as all the others re ibio sp? Either their quality control sucks, or something smells.

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