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  • shadowplay1 shadowplay1 May 2, 2012 8:09 PM Flag


    Down almost 10%. Twenty pennies away from my new buy in price.Then may the pumps start again.

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    • On like 2300 shares. Nobody cares. Shadow/mofisher/jofisher/imsureotherIDs

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      • hoosier, I am waiting for my Grizzlies to play game 2 of nba playoffs. I can not believe what I just read. Do you not know i was on IBIO board long before Shadow? Check the history. I am a stromg follower of Scott Matusow, and hope I was instrumental in getting him to get behind IBIO. Shadow is an adversary of Scott, guess I should say envious, but Shadow is also somewhat devious, hid negative postings are , from what I think, just a ploy to irritate people. I am sure he is well stocked with IBIO shares. As far as afterhours today, I would not put much validity in it. i think todays volume, and chart speaks well for the future of IBIO. I, for obvious reasons, waited as long as I could , but yesterday had to sell a significant amount of my shares. On April 2, I got heavily damaged financially by the kerx/aezs fiasco. Now, I just will not hold an exorbiant amont in a company that is awaiting fda/phase 3 info. But what I did do is buy back my shares today, at around .15 to .20 cents higher. I am willing to do that, I will pay a 20 cent premium to know that fda is willing to approve this technology, that is a no brainer. When the sp is $10, dont you think it would be stupid to miss out on because of 20 cents?By the way, I expect the reason a lot of old timers are not here is because of the flock of nit wits that arrived today. That in itself tells me that we have something special her. glta

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