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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 May 8, 2012 2:39 PM Flag

    Are all the old longs still here? Mo22 is ..

    still here, just been silent recently, having a great time with ARNA and AIS is heating up, and PSDV,I admit I have been disenchanted with sp of IBIO recently, but I feel it is laying a solid basr in this range, and on meaningful news, will start a strong move north. I have not sold any shares in this pullback, prob should add but I am pretty heavily loaded. Silver, Julian, Shadow{ a real long who can act otherwise} and any others that are still here, I would love to hear your current perspective. Julians article and the PLX approval sealed it for me to stay long. glta

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    • looks like a lot of bashers here, that is a good sign, means we going higher. Any old timers here?

    • Mo just hold and do what you have been doing give it a few months and ibio will not be 1.40, it will be multiples higher which is long over do.
      The funny thing is you newbies would be so excited about 4.50 "yes id be happy" but when i was investing in this stock last summer i predicted easily north of 5/share on plx approval. Im learning everyday and what ive learned most over the past year is patience.
      There are some really big players here julian mqlaser money hoos plumb folksisters and one of my favorites for what he does for ibio on ihub cjboro. What im getting at is IBIO not a traders stock its an investment no pdufa play but rather a company selling a process "a process alot of big pharma want" Longs will be reward soon and later if you stick around for the finale about 2 years out when IBIO is bought out for the likes of Crucell 3B.

    • Alas, I was tipped by SM on SNSS and needed some funds to play with, so I reluctantly sold my 2700 shares of IBIO (half in premarket this morning for 1.47; half after the bell for 1.35--all at a moderate loss). I now have a decent position in SNSS along with AIS and PSDV, which are showing some life today. CLDX is struggling, but I'm holding until 5/23 webcast (small position, so risk is small).
      However, I'm keeping tabs on IBIO to reenter at lower point because I like the technology and think it will catch fire. So, good luck to all you true blue longs! hope to rejoin you soon!

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      • Kiig, I got into snss, but dumped my cldx, I have finally told myself that I am tired of making dumb decisions and losing money, as I have made some terribly bad stock choices over the years, been following Scott closely the past 6 months, going with his picks, and his picks are making me money. Besides the ones you mentioned, I have done great on BDSI, and MNOV is shaping up to be a winner. I dumped CLDX. Not sure this is going to drop much, actually, on some really meaningful news, it could really pop and find a much higher level to stay. I would not wait too long in getting back in here. I worried about sp when it was getting so volitile a few weeks ago, but this time on the drop, I did not really let it bother me. The one I do not worry about at all is AIS. Have 6500, and feel very confident long

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