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  • chaos_inaction chaos_inaction Apr 29, 2000 1:42 PM Flag

    Don't vote no.


    "Votes withheld from any director
    are counted for purposes of determining the presence
    or absence of a quorum, but have no other legal
    effect under Delaware law."

    If you want to
    create chaos, enter someone in nomination as a director
    then invoke "cumulative voting." You can make a
    difference with far less than 50% shareholder vote. Good
    luck next time.

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    • You don't have to do e-mail via yahoo. Just send the e-mail to the post alias (bakko_mld50)

    • Same as any other domain.

      Keep in mind I'm just a passerby on STK initally drawn to the chatroom by my strong corporate governance bent and your activism. I hope others with other companies learn from your example and realize that shareholders are indeed the "owners" and are not totally powerless, though most act like they are.

      -bakka, aka chaos

    • I am not familar with E-Mail using YAHOO. .

      I would like very much to talk to you. If you would give me exact instructions on how to E-Mail you via YAHOO I will do so. On the other hand if you want to E-Mail me my address is LICHT6@HOME.COM.

      If you want we can talk on the telephone either I can call you or you can call me which ever you want to do

      As of now my wife is still trying to peal me off the ceiling, I have been floating since I receive the results of the voting.

      Do you think that PM, our STUDENT TRAINEE CEO will be concerned about the election but continue as before because he dose not know how to respond?


      What would it
      cost you to vote for my proposal as opposed to siting
      back and doing nothing.

      What is important is
      the number of people that vote and the percentage of
      the total number of stockholders. If all of the 8
      fundmanagers vote with management that would represent
      approximately 85% of the outstanding stock. But if 60 or 70% of
      the individual stockholders vote for my it will send
      a strong message to management.

    • make a big difference in which way I vote, but it
      sounds like you have more of a long term interest in the
      company then the present board. I don't know what to say
      other than good luck with your campaign. I hope the
      board has more than just their own interest in mind
      when running this company.

    • NOT WORK.

      The reason is that STK's
      By-laws do not permit "CUMULATIVE VOTING. In order to
      invoke cumulative voting you must first change the

      We can not get rid of one board member
      do you really think that you can get the By-laws
      changed to permit cumulative voting without the support
      of the fund managers.

      Why don't you consider
      voting for my stockholder proposal. If I get enough
      votes it may get the attention of these bozos and then
      we may get some meaningful change. It is a lot
      better than bitching and doing nothing.

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