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  • beatleman_or beatleman_or Jun 6, 2000 7:56 AM Flag

    Good Company?

    management, the comany seems to be pretty solid and is gaining market shares in it's industry. Buy for the long term and you'll be glad you did.

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    • or are still an employee that can't find anything
      else to do for a living.

      This company is
      **not** solid - please - they have internal turmoil the
      likes of which I've never seen in a $2B

      Where are they gaining share? Starting from a base of
      0% in open systems, etc. makes it easy to show
      growth - they know how to play with the numbers to show
      that type of data to the marketplace, I'll give them

    • Where's Ceemore?? Maybe he is in Louisville interviewing for the CEO position.
      Buy and hold on to STK as is will rise!!!

    • STK is a sick and dying company. It does not have
      to be this way but it is. DO NOT BUY THIS STOCK! As
      a ex employee I can tell you that they are doing
      stupid stuff. But first let me say that STK paid me very
      well and I have good feelings about the technology and
      the employees. Its the management, they are driving
      this company into the ground and no one is doing
      anything about it. First off, they are the market leader
      in Automated tape libraries. You would think that
      they would be proud of it and make it their focus, but
      instead they are trying to be EMC. Management is obsessed
      with EMC to the point where it is killing the focus on
      what STK does best. For example, they now have 4 disk
      platforms that they have to support. Clariion, LSI, SUN and
      their SSA mainframe disk. How in the world can a
      storage company have 4 completely different disk
      platforms? Whey they tell you it is not going to matter
      because their are building a GUI to manage all of them,
      do not believe it. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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