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  • raynorwahl raynorwahl Dec 5, 2000 6:41 PM Flag

    Flat on a BIg Up Day!

    Most of the mutual funds I own went up 5-11%
    today. Stk was flat. Two other stocks I own went up 2 &
    3%. Now, I realize this could change tomorrow. Stk's
    beta is much greater than 1. No one really knows. My
    opinion is that Stk has been labelled (for a long time
    now) as a "show me" stock. Fund managers may buy once
    Stk proves that it is growing revenues and profits
    for 2-3 quarters in a row.
    It could languish here
    for some time until we have an earnings announcement
    in January/Feb.
    As for Pat Martin, I do remember
    that he wanted to be a CEO and that Stk was willing to
    take a chance on him, If I remember correctly, he is
    about 59 years old. At that age, I would imagime he has
    a strong incentive to do well at his one chance of
    a lifetime to be a CEO or resign as a failure
    (which is not the end of life). The big question is
    this: "Does he have the guts to make the hard decisions
    in his 'one" chance. He doesn't have time to make a
    big mistake. He better be right the first time or
    else this stock will end up in the dumpster.
    It is
    obvious this next quarter is a "must have" quarter,
    especially since I anticipate the market to rise due to the
    settlement of the election, the Fed lowering interest rates,
    and hopefully earnings meeting reduced earnings
    expectations. What are the chances that STK will meet earnings
    expectations in a pretty good market environment? If they do,
    I think the longs will be rewarded. If they don't,
    watch out for the Titanic. I don't know what I will do.
    I should have sold this year when the price went up
    to $16, but that's hindsight.

    One question to
    Dr. Licht. Have you shorted STK this year? Since you
    are so sure (and have been right in 2000) of STK's
    downfall, have you profited as a result of your wisdom this

    I hope you have!

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    • STOR did have a nice run up on some positive
      press. I read somewhere this morning that they were
      being downgraded by one or two brokerage houses. Guess
      that goes to prove that timing is everything. Oh well,
      back to the grind.

      Take Care !

    • We can and do maintain a civil atmosphere, and
      actually agree on at least one point.

      The only
      regret I have now is not buying just a little STOR when
      it was trading at $20 a week or so ago, and selling
      into yesterday's rally.

      Have a good



      do not know how long you have been a stockholder of
      STK and how long you have been reading this BB.

      I previously have heard the rumors that SUN, EMC,
      HAT ETC were all interested in a take over of STK I
      also know that STK engaged Goldmen Sach as an
      investment banker to seek out a potential buyer. None of
      these efforts or rumers turned out to be

      The rumors are appear to be starting up again.
      The stock took a big jump Friday at the close and
      then the rumors start flying. This has happened
      several times before and each time in several day, less
      than a week the stock was lower than it was before the

      I do not claime to be an insider, but i am an
      engineer and a strong believer in Newton's First Law of
      Motion. I also believe that for every effect there is a
      cause. In regard to STK's price increase to the best of
      my knowledge there is no cause that would explaine a
      big jump in stock price. It is also clear to me that
      the street is not very impressed with our new CEO
      Trainee particularly with his recent public statement
      that there will be no significant or radical change in
      the operation of STK. Hence it is my prediction that
      the stock will drop back to below $9.00 in a few
      days. A name for the unexplained price rise in STK
      stock is "PUMP AND SELL"

      Lastly i know of no
      large company showing any interest in taking over STK.
      Remember i am not an insider and not one of managements
      favorite sons or a member of the "GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB".

    • Please read my posting #6575 and you will see why my cost for STK stock is exactly zero not approximately.

    • Ceemore, can you tell me of the companys that
      might be considering buying out STK and what their
      plans are with the company. I've heard that there have
      been a few large companies looking pretty heavely at
      their financials. Are you at liberity to comment on

    • big_loss_isnt_coming_back big_loss_isnt_coming_back Dec 11, 2000 6:55 PM Flag

      thanks for the response, your investment strategy
      is interesting, will have to keep another eye open
      for possibilites.

      regarding your question
      about cumulative voting, I have to admit you got me.
      Had never heard of it and what I know is from your
      "discussions" with DanandDan. Another post asked where to get
      more information on the subject, I'd also be curious
      to read more on it. On the surface it sounds like a
      good scenario for small holders such as myself.

      One last thought/question from your last post,
      danandan actually touched on it. You bought bonds in STK
      so that means you spent something to get your
      shares. when you say your cost is zero, I assume you mean
      a strict interpetation, I didn't buy stock ( got it
      from bond conversion ), so what ever my stock is worth
      I got for nothing or you paid
      a very miniscule
      amount for the bonds to begin with and other than your
      time, the money invested is practically zero.

      off topic, you have a lot of interesting insight and
      some ideas for positive reform. try not to see every
      post as a glass half empty. people voting against a
      good idea because of their interaction with you makes
      your effort a waste of time. mgmt loves delay of
      change, don't make it easier for them



    • YOU READ D&D'S POSTING #6579.

      He has posted an excellent description of CUMULATIVE voting describing it benefits regarding minority share holder representation

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