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  • modernbuildings modernbuildings Nov 6, 2009 5:49 PM Flag

    Dave and NCSwillfly...

    Can you two make peace and help keep the environment here a little more positive?

    Dave... you need to be more respectful of others positions... do not post that said this or that first... let us keep a quite time where we dot criticize each other.

    NCSwillfly... we are getting closer to a celebratory moment... that by itself will speak louder than all the arguments you might present. JUST LIKE YOU SAID...

    Both should also focus beyond NCS... there are so many opportunities in the making out there... would it not make more sense to collaborate, exchange tips and ideas between us with out wrecking our personal relationships? Think about that...

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    • Yes, I do not know about them either... I can see an outsider looking at this in awe not believing how their stunning properties are part of a losing proposition. An outsider must be thinking how in the world the CEO can't unlock value, just like the owners of Marvel comics couldn't. In that case it had to be someone else. As for having lost an opportunity for rallying together with the other reits, you never know. Too many games in wall street. It would not be unthinkable that the other ones tank while this one rallies. Provided someone wants that to happen. Up to now, this one was the dog in a pair trade.

      Buser said he was part of a bid in one well publicized hotel sale and that he never made it to the second stage. He also said he was told there were more than 20 bidders. I wonder if this had been the Fairmont. I also wonder why noone has shown direct interest in all these fabuluous properties a notch above the Marriots and Hiltons. Must they all stink?

    • I saw that bank in CA too... that served the Chinese community...

      And have been hearing about Cuba being opened to USA investments all my life... I am not waiting for that one... their main import would be cheap food from the USA... and their export? Cheap labor for assembly plants?

      I am still breaking my head trying to think how BEE will work itself out of the hole they are in... last summer with all the REITS flying high they could have issue more stock and done themselves a favor... but today the REITS are trnding lower and all that have reported have given low REVPAR guidance and their stocks have dropped (DRH from a high of $10 is trading at $8).

      BEE said they where going to raise their rates... go figure. They are selling small hotels... none of the $100 and $200 and even $300 million dollars hotels seem to be for sale... I think in those they have the most leverage with their lenders... and they are banking that those big ones will not get foreclosed. The small ones are the ones they will sell... small for them...

      It is going to be tough to own BEE... a lot tougher than owning NCS...

    • Actually, the immigration issue is like looking into a rear view mirror. Strong immigration waves have been in place for at least 10 years here so losing population should make sense. You have a good number of people returning to their home land and a good number of construction workers leaving because of the real estate debacle. Looking forward, many years perhaps, people will always be moving into south florida. You may also see an opening up with Cuba (starting with Obama) and Bill Clinton recently made an "investment trip" to Haiti.

      I can't give an informed opinion on this bank. It only has 3 branches in this area, Miami, Coral Gables and Aventura. It looks it has more of a presence in mid florida and the northern area. It is also very hard to judge banking here with all the flood of spurious money that must be going on. At these levels, I did look into UCBH (California) which has chinese ties. It is also dancing on the edge of disaster but there is a possibility of a strong chinese capital infusion.

    • I asked you about FL because on Dave's recomendation I started to follow TSFG... it is a bank stock that trades below a dollar. 40% of its loans are in Florida.

      This year Florida lost population... you know... with such high immigration levels from the East Coast as well as from elsewhere in the Caribbean and S. America to loose population seems incredible. If that turns into a trend the state will be in trouble for years.

    • I am personally fine here. Close enough to the beach that I can walk over there when stressed. They just finished building a corridor between the ocean front units and the beach so now it is great for running at nights. But my family has grown in number and we require more space which is very expensive here. I am starting to look into other places also because of the education of my children. Not too happy about education here.

      The economy in this part of South Florida is certainly not good. Where I live, there are a miriad of unfinished and abandoned high-end construction projects. I remember the last bust when the same happened. The projects were abandoned for more than a decade. The only silver lining is that they demolished the one building that was blocking my view from the ocean across the street to build another 20 story unit, abandoned now. So I get see the ocean when I wake up. And with a bit of luck, probably for the next 10 years.

    • I double checked and you are correct... they are non-open-market.

    • That is one place I have not visited yet. How do you like Miami? Is the economy OK?

    • Modern... excuse my highjacking your thread and intrude here in this fora. But I have had a question I wanted to ask you for days and I see that you are more active here.

      You are the first individual who I hear says has studied latin in high school. Well, in my 47 years I haven't found anyone else besides myself and my highschool friends who had to go through a rigorous 5 years of latin. In which country did this happen?

    • Agreed.

    • ya no need to fight most come here to find out facts not to piss on someones head lol

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