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  • tranthor2004 tranthor2004 Mar 5, 2012 10:09 PM Flag

    Higherself - Wit Strategy

    <<<I believe the terms were...CGMR A shares(LM)=99%, Wits B shares 1% until LM collected 44million, 39m for 50% CGMR,and 5mil for Wits loan. I have no idea how much LM recovered, surely they got the 44???>>>

    <<<Surely they got the 44 million???>>>

    You can start checking out the annual and qtrly reports as I attempted to do back in the day. I never could figure out what was profit applied to the Wits loan or was being accounted as costs of doing running the mine, expenses, etc and if it was total gross or bottom line. I tried to get answers from IR and Diana King but....if your ever tried getting answers from the dame of IR back then you know how futile that route was. Eventually, the mining ops ceased and you know the rest of the story. The Big Sleep.

    I attempted IR again two days ago. Called the Wits # and got a girl who answered the phone with "Standard Gold, may I help you". Did not know who Diana King was, who Stephen King was, and put me into voice mail with....wait for it....wait....MARK DACKO (que 50's horror music). I spoke, deep baritone, 3 questions, and left my phone #.

    The Beatles are still singing "No Reply". And I'm heading for King's bar, the fat man might be there with Cairo. Perhaps he knows where the stuff dreams are made of.

    Good night.

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