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  • blust3 blust3 Apr 24, 2009 7:28 PM Flag

    OT: Swine and bird flu will kill 99.9% of earth population

    Today, 24 people died from the flu in Mexico. Hundreds in California and Texas feel sick.

    By the end of next week, death toll is up to 1,000 in California and Texas. And the flu begins to spread to the Midwest.

    By the end of the month, 15% of population in North America are dead. 80% are extremely sick.

    On July 1st, the swine and bird flu hits every corner of the earth except the outback in Australia. Fatality on most nations exceed 90%.

    On December 31st, 2009, it seems that the Earth is a dead planet. From outer space, there is no longer detection of any radio activity originating from the planet.

    === my problem solved ===

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    • Weekend update: <Officially the first pig gets the flu>

      A human working in a pig farm infected 220 pigs (10% of pig population in that farm) It demonstrates how fast the virus can transmit among humans, pigs and birds. If an even more deadly mutation occurs, every bird, pig and human will be dead before 2009 ends.

    • I am legend update:

      WHO just upgraded the alert level to phase 5, strong signals indicate pandemic is imminent, just shy of the highest level, phase 6, full blown pandemic.

      Good luck with that.

    • Why should we worry? The killer flu happens once a few generation. Normally human are immune to flu virus more or less. But one in million, mutation will produce a killer virus which earlier exposure to different strains of flu virus doesn't help all at all. The only indication, unlike most viruses which only causes death of elders and children, such killer virus kills most healthy adults age 21 to 41. And it is the virus in our hand now.

      In much detail, Prior flu strains, like the ones in
      Asian and Hong Kong a few years back, have partial herd immunity built up. These were
      "intermediate" strains, i.e. mutations against which there was some
      protection among individuals with prior exposure to other strains.

      These will infect and sometimes kill the very old or those with other types
      of compromised immunity. Although a good case will make a healthy adult very ill, death is unlikely.

      Every 60-90 years, an extremely virulent mutation will erupt, as to which
      not only the specific mutation has no general immunity (like Hong Kong when
      it broke out), but as to which almost nobody in the population has even
      basic immunity.

      That's what happened in 1918. Over 500,000 people died in the US, and
      somewhere between 20 and 100 million people worldwide. But the biggest
      worry is that, in the Spanish Flu, the people who died weren't infants and
      old people, but people in their 20's and 30's.

      It can and will happen at some point. Avian flu is a more likely candidate,
      but a swine flu mutation could do it. Without extreme and prompt action,
      you'd expect over a million deaths in the US alone, with a disproportionate
      number of them being young adults.

    • Allow me to make a prediction: Not 10,000 people will have died of swine flu worldwide when this thing has run its course. We'll talk again in a few months.

    • The death toll in Mexico now exceeds 150. I don't know why Americans are still ignoring the expanding numbers and the danger ahead. The border is just a virtual line. The government keeps telling citizens the symptoms are mild. When the temperature rises, a full blown pandemic is inevitable, maybe as early as in June.

      In the past, such a virus can only be transmitted from pigs to their caretakers. Now it is human-to-human transmission. The mutation of such a virus may sign off the distinction of human race.

    • Now death toll in Mexico has exceeded 100. Did I warn you when people think this is trivial? When the next heat wave hits, there will be more people die.

    • The swine flu symptoms are mild only when the temperature is not high. I would not celebrate too soon.

    • It seems like the NY students affected have a less lethal version of the virus than in Mexico.

      As far as the swine virus goes, its flaw is that it kills a human in two days , which doesn't allow for enough time for the carrier to pass it on. Eventually the virus will kill its self off.

      There are many thinks that can end the world for humans, this one isn't it.


    • How long before we have A Swine Flue ETF??

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