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  • algood70 algood70 May 11, 2009 11:31 PM Flag

    All my 10 years investment mistakes will be gone if

    Faz hit 30.

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    • The safest way to get another 25 points is to take 'em incrementally, not in one big "buy and hold". .30 cents here, .50 cents there, an occassional .80 cents to a dollar, and it all adds up.

      It's all in picking your buy/sell points, clear stops that are honored, not staying in a position too long, and you'll pick up those 25 points.

      OTOH, wait for "buy and hold" to do it for you and you could be in for a world of 'hurt'! The DECAY factor on these Triples are no joke, the longer you hold, the more you lose.

    • FAS went from a low of $2.32 up to the recent high of $13.27.......thats nearly a 6x increase.
      5.7x precise.
      FAZ low of $4.43 x 5.7 = $25.25

      Not saying it will, but it could.....

    • And if you hold out for 30, then you'll just add this to your stack of mistakes.

      Both the fact that you're thinking in these terms ("come on, please let this one trade become the big winner that makes up for everything else") and the fact that you talk about "investment" with reference to FAZ pretty much guarantee that you will continue losing money.

      FAS is for trading, not investing, it's virtually GUARANTEED to lose money as a long-term investment, your price target is unrealistic. FAZ has never sextupled before, even in major sell-offs, and while it could theoretically reach $30 (as much as the low 80's, in fact), in practice there is virtually no chance. If FAZ goes to 15 from here and you don't bail, you're a fool who will soon be parted from his money.

    • Listen u moron. If the FAS went to zero, the FAZ wont go to even 15. This thing dimishes every day. dont u see that?

    • sorry but i can assure your mistakes would linger for years to come.

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