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  • eclipseagent eclipseagent May 21, 2009 9:08 AM Flag

    What Obama means to america:

    O ne
    B ig
    A wful
    M istake
    A merica

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    • You are right, didnt need to play the race card. However, pertaining the candidates and abilities, i liked Mccain but the conservative party has quickly become irrelevant in my view. I wouldve much rather seen Hillary in office before Mccan because of age and policy. No more politice, the only color that matters here is green.

      p.s. absolutely true-i have read and studied AA culture for some time and you are correct. The level of racism today is far more inconspicuous and subtle than 40-100 years ago. Sorryfor even bringing to the forefront.

    • I am not for or against this man but clearly stating facts. s he the reason the whole world is in recession? Is he the reason Russia is at 9.5% unemployment and European nations are approaching the same levels? Is Obama the reason swine flu exists? This guy has been in office 100+ days and people are continually picking him apart. Just everyone stand back and analyze the situation here. this is a Global recession and no matter what you think about America, you are not immune from it. Get you head out of the clouds and either back your leader or get the F*&k out of the country..Cant believe racism is this virulent n our society. I am done!!!!!!!!!

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      • Racist? What a lame default card you pull.

        What's lame is he has 0 economic sense, he hires a guy that can't use turbo tax and excuses his unpaid taxes.

        He is printing more paper then Kinko's does all all year around.

        He's spending money we don't have borring $.46 / Per dollar spent making the country more and more in debt.

        He's growing government and taking tax payer money instead of shrinking government to get control of the budget. He's giving every company that needs money, any money they need.

        I'm not saying he started the recession, but he's setting up for a depression. He's setting up to break the $USD, he's setting up to cause massive inflation, he's setting up to ahve all other countries dropping our currency as a reserve currency.. he's doing alot more stuff that is bad for the people living in the country.

        Believe me, I live in CA.. The exact thing that has made CA crappy and has made lots of companies leave, is what Obama is doing to the whole country.

      • It is NOT about racism, it is about a poor candidate for President.

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