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  • rafaltm rafaltm May 31, 2009 3:55 PM Flag

    do this to see power of 3x etf:if you take a penny

    and double it everyday of the month(day1=1cent,day2=2cents,day3=4cents,day4=8cents,day5=16cents,day6=32cents etc...) see what you will come up at the end of 31 days??????
    I was shocked!!!!!
    now, I'm not sugesting in any way that FAZ will reach remotely such price nor that it will double everyday for a month but in directional move you can reach nice quick return whe move is sustained for few days in right direction.

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    • take your brain cells and divide them by 2 every day for 31 days. thats what you have left

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      • Faz dropped from 115 to under 5 in two months. It can do the same thing going up. I do not believe it will do the same thing going up. The Fed will not let the markets drop that fast. It is ok to wipe out shorts in the market. Longs have to be protected. If the market starts dropping they will come in and prop up the market. Funny, how Obama stated two weeks earlier that we will see more pain before it gets better. Then two weeks later, the economy is starting to improve. Financials come out and say they are earning money. The financials then double their values in two months. Everything goes up in value based on not as bad as it was theory. Now, stocks are trading over 20 times P/E in a recession/depression. Mutual funds are not buying into the market on this manipulation. Volume has been pathetic for months. The BS master stated that we were in a depression. The depression is over. I have not heard that people are able to find employment. I went to a job fair. Over 7,500 people went to the fair to find employment or better employment. Most of the jobs that were being offered were for debt collection. Foreclosures are outpacing home purchases. The people buying want better prices than what is being offered.

      • i see your point, and could be said for any equity, not just faz..ya know if you use charts most can be bought at lows and sold again mid day, rebought and sold.. for the same deal.

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