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  • steljan100 steljan100 Jun 14, 2009 9:59 PM Flag

    the FED has lost the game

    Noone believes them, noone has trust in the FED.
    Plp are much smarter nowadays than they were 15 years ago, they know the game they know what fraction accounting tricks are, they know the manipulation that goes on by the banks.
    15 years ago wallstreet was seen by many plp as a sophisiticated game that only the smarters plp in america knew how to play, nowadays this entire board on yahoo and many other boords know how the game is being played.
    The internet should have been regulated and controlled by the govt. they underestimated the power of communication and human spirit that always strives for more knowledge,
    Its game over for the FED, their secrets and techniques have been exposed, USA will never be the country that it once was the whole world knows the truth.

    The FED has lost and it better come clean if it wants to survive this one.

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    • The FED are unconcerned about Joe Blow. They only need to control the head of the snake and these guys are experts at bribery and coercion. They control all western governments and many of the rest as well. Only those pesky Muslims, who ban usury, to sort out. No problem, though. Just put them on the 'Axis of Evil' and show a few pics of them eating dead babies and the sucker-dupe sheeple will be only too happy to turn them into spit-roast. Our tax dollars in action.

      The mob is easy to manipulate. A 'False flag' attack will change the mood and focus, instantly. Gotta smear the Muslims, then re-introduce the draft. That should take all the young men away from any thoughts of rebellion. 'Thought Crime' bills will shut up the rest.

      If the sheep threaten to stray fro the pasture, Martial Law is also just a signing statement away.

      America lost it when instead of the government being afraid of the people, the people became afraid of the government. Those hulking great steroid-munching beef eaters with their brains removed, all dressed in black, will be paying you a call before too long. Hitler did it with only 400,000 thugs. They were called 'brown-shirts'.

      "Ooh-oh say can you see..."

    • we need to force them to audit the fed and disclose all activity in the market as well as thru foreigh govt and agency relationships

    • Senate whores will block an audit of the Fed.

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      • Steljan was right...
        The FED's actions can be thwarted if WE can reveal their long hidden agenda and methods through public dissemination. However, that said, I think you all must realize by now that the US Govt has power over the WWW operation through major server hubs...and that means they can control it if they want. Let's hope this doesn't happen, because if it does, something ominous will be happening soon after.

        The clamor to get the FED exposed is amazing here on the Internet. Main stream media is controlled, but the younger generation is grasping this new found power of the internet well, so there is hope. Today, I learned so much on YouTube, it will probably give me nightmares tonight. Thank God for the few remaining good guys like Ron Paul.

      • NOT IF THEY WANT TO BE RE ELECTED to their worthless seats


        that audit is COMING FOR SURE.

    • Yes, people distrust them so much that the market has rallied 40% since the Fed lowered rates to 0% and spend a trillion dollars.

    • Yes, people are much smarter, and the truth is out there about the FED. But this country is run by politics and the mob, not by smart people. So nothing will be done about the FED anytime soon. Heck, we've known many banks have been insolvent for years, and they're still hanging on somehow.

      We don't have selfless leaders to fix the real problems, only false political problems like "executive compensation" and "tax havens". The mob feels better, the main problems worsen.

      Banks will crash before the FED will. By the time the FED is nearing a fatal crack, I plan to take my FAZ profits and get out of the dollar.

    • I believe that they are losing the game but we will never know how much money the have actually pumped into the system without congress or our knowledge.

    • I don't think the Fed will ever come clean. Bernanke and friends just don't feel enough heat yet. If they can make money appear from thin air they can make the trail in which it came from disappear as well.

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