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  • direxionrapesus direxionrapesus Jun 30, 2009 12:45 PM Flag

    Direxion. Give us our 3X like you advertise

    Direxion, you have no problems *taking* 4X on the days we're down.

    But on up days, you only give us 2.2X?

    We are down 5 cents a share from the same RIFIN score yesterday. 5 full cents per share! In less than 1 day, you are raping us for over a full percentage point.

    Own up, and do the right thing for your customers. Don't continue raping us, and give us our 3X on up days like your FAZ title claims.

    And *STOP* robbing us for 4X when we're down.

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    • greenpicturesofdeadpresidents greenpicturesofdeadpresidents Jun 30, 2009 2:53 PM Flag

      lots of folks on this thread sound like they think tihs etf is a computer program that is ripping us off. it's not a computer program. HUMANS are involved in the share creation and destruction, the leveraging process, and the rebalancing to SEEK to put the price at 3x inverse of RIFIN.

      so, direxion is bad at what they do. and i think the reason they are so bad at it is that they never expected the price to get this low. so many shares out there,

      i'm thinking they may be able to do better with the share price higher. and so the rs.

      hey, this is a bad trade for me. i've watched 1 stock go to zero and so know a bad trade when i see one.

      it's like a bad stock. if you don't like the return, you sell it (hopefully) and find a good stock.

      i really don't see where all this "doing us wrong" talk comes from. they are trying to do what they are supposed to do...and suck at it.

      end of story

    • My belief system is conflicting? Where have you been? Caveat emptor has been in existence since the beginning of buy/sell. Whose fault is it if you are just ignorant? Yours! Who should we sue now? Your mommy?

    • Well, thanks for being so honest about how much you "know" what you are even talking about. You sound like Congress, who passed a stimulus plan without ever even reading it. You remarked about my comments without even reading them? Like I said, you do not even know what you are talking more ways than one.

      Where is your comment about Direxion changing their etf to monthly decay? Did you even read that part, or does it require too many brain cells to process? Perhaps it just doesn't afford you your repeated use of the term "rape!"

      The thrust of my comment to you is: What are you doing here if it is such a rip off? Answer that, simpleton! What is wrong with you? You don't understand why I am here, trading FAZ; yet, here you are all indignant, but still trading FAZ. What is wrong with YOU?

      I know what I am talking about. And, yes, I do know about the power of numbers, but I do not need to sit in the corner and suck my thumb if I am truly convinced about what I am talking about. I take action. And I do not have to try to convince everyone else about my beliefs before I act on them. I act on my beliefs, period. Then I am only too happy to tell others about my great experience.

      And I am glad that you can read, because initially you were calling me unity, but it says unify.

      Unify, don't Divide! United we stand, divided we fall...that is a political admonition, in case I must do all of your thinking/reading for you...

    • Go to read my explanation. My friend advice, if you don't know this ETF, don't tough it.

    • Unify, You either work for Direxion, or there is something wrong with you.

      You reply showing offense to the term of "rape", then say immediately that we are all on our own, and if bad things happen to us, then we did it to ourselves.

      Your belief system is conflicting.

    • I just finished actually *reading* your reply. I thought you had just copied and pasted my reply.

      My gosh... what's wrong with you?

      You don't believe in the power of numbers, do you? You literally feel it's OK for people to take advantage of you, and everyone should just take it, smile, and walk away.

      You really *do* believe a person *asked* to be raped.. That's what your reply says, except in financial terms.

      What's wrong with you? Why do you even have the term *unify* in your ID? There's nothing *unify* about you.

    • Why are you here? Because you like to be ripped off? Why aren't you demanding that your attorney scrutinize Direxion? Because that would be too much effort for too little return? Like most Americans, it seems that you just like to talk about it. Why haven't you stopped trading with Direxion, if it is such a rip off? What, pray tell, are their expenses and fees? You do not know what you are talking more ways than one!

    • You are pulling a switch and bait from the true purpose of this post.

      To remind you, this post is about the constant and excessive decay of this ETF.

      I'm not familiar with any discussion groups on the term *rape*, but I'm sure you can do a search if that is your concern.

      You strike me as a person with conflicting values, who doesn't understand that wrong is wrong, regardless of subject matter.. Rape is wrong, yet the use of the term is not wrong. The fact that Direxion is stealing from us is either escaping you, or you don't care.


      The subject of this post is Direxion.

    • What are the expenses? Not saying that you're wrong, but if there are any fund expenses (I believe there are), you should count them of +3X. It would be interesting to see if the expenses are correctly added to -3X (if your post about -4X is true, then something is wrong here).

      Still nice to see thread discussing this grossly overlooked topic.

    • Is FAZ owned by Madoff? it sounds like it

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