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  • marblezman marblezman Jul 7, 2009 8:43 PM Flag

    Anybody shorting China?

    YOU ARE INSANE. China is the economic engine of the future and they are also the largest investor in America. For this to go up, you would need the U.S. economy to implode into serious inflation AND you would need China to collapse after the external demand sources are removed. E.G. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

    Stop pumping more horrible broken securities here. Everyone already bought a bunch of horrible broken securities and they're going broke.

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    • LOL.

      China is NOT the largest investor in America unless you consider treasuries as this investment.

      Most of the "stimulus" money in China went directly in their stock market. I don`t dispute your analysis of the future - but in the near term, a correction in the Chinese market is most likely to happen.

      Believe me - a US stock market correction will bring down most of all the others along with it.

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      • If you don't recall, it was the correction of the Shanghai Composite in Feb. 2007 along with the Enhanced Leverage Bear Stearns funds falling in Dec. 2006 that kicked off the entire economic tsunami. The first major cracks in the credit markets struck in July 2007. China CAUSED OUR CORRECTION, NOT the other way around.

        The U.S. market crashing subsequently DID NOT hurt the Shanghai Composite further. It was sheltered because it had already declined and they have massive domestic consumption growth.

        Anyone who thinks that China cannot replace the U.S. as consumers of their own products has CLEARLY never been to China. They are MUCH MUCH more materialistic and hungry for comfort than we are, because unlike us, they have known starvation and hardship in their own lives.

    • When I go short anything - I am not betting on a "collapse" but merely that things will go down in the near term.

    • get your head out of your a** and stop listening to CNBC telling u that China is an economic powerhouse that cant be slowed. Follow the link for what is really happening in China..

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      • I am STILL boycotting CNBC and it's getting harder but they have kept Mr. Santelli even after he helped the Repukes instigate the Tea Parties. I am patient and persistent and I will not bend.

        As far as my reasons for believing in the Chinese miracle, that's because I was there and I saw it with my own eyes. It's incredible. A billion peasants are lifting themselves out of the mud into beautiful condos built by the CCP with their own two strong hands. It's beautiful.

        They are also getting a lot of luxury now. The hotels I stayed in were incredibly extravagant and lush, even nicer than some I stayed in in Europe. Some of their malls are going very upscale, some even with domestic brands.

        They will be the future of the world. Just you wait. I will be rewarded for sticking by them and investing in them, and you will be punished for doubting them.

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