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  • marblezman marblezman Jul 11, 2009 3:15 PM Flag

    2nd stimulas would be for the banks again, right?

    People who need jobs are benefitted as a second order effect. The banks lend to homeowners and businesses, and those homeowners and businesses consume, leading to hiring.

    Or would you prefer the Government just hire the unemployable individuals? Personally I would really like that, but you FAZholes seem to HATE the Government giving a job to the little guy.

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    • You f*cking moron.

      Open your eyes.

      The banks ARE NOT lending to homeowners and small business.

      You are the stupidest poster on this board........yuri

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      • They're not lending a LOT to homeowners and small businesses, yes. But they are lending to large businesses with good prospects, AND they are lending MUCH MORE than they WOULD have if they had NOT received the stimulus money in the first place.

        You can always say "it's not as good as we hoped." And that's true. It's not. But imagine how much worse it would've been if we DIDN'T pass the Stimulus Package.

        Be a part of the solution. We have to do SOMETHING. Are you in favor of a larger bailout so that banks have even more money to lend? Or what?

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