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  • smk3188 smk3188 Jul 11, 2009 11:25 PM Flag

    This must be a nation of suckers

    Totally. But when the dollar collapses guess who is the biggest sucker of all time. The person who has most dollars. Joe six pack has debt. Debt is the way to go. Pile shit load of debt from here to the sky and just walk out on this socialist govt.

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    • I suppose you think this whole mess was created in just the last few months Obama has been in office? Hmmm! and how stupid are you? Or wait, it must have been created "8" years ago when Clinton was president? So our country in the last 8 years has been in the best shape ever. Wow! in just a few months power hungry executives where given the oportunity to destroy the economy. Simply amazing!

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