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  • bull.wacker bull.wacker Jul 16, 2009 4:28 PM Flag

    i see banks selling AH....

    do you have any data to your etf bear propping theory? that isnt the first i've heard and it sounds interesting.

    on the dollar thing: i am expecting "them" to start tanking market to have flight to safety in dollar/ treasury to assist in dollar prop, especially with Geitner boy flying all over the world and suxxin cockoksi
    it seem we are litterly days/ hours away from major tankage.

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    • WELL if you've noticed most days last several months regardless what the tracking index would do often bear etfs would be down with the index

      with the exception of the abc WAVES up and back down they have given from time to time.

      but u will notice that it is on the c waves back with the bear etfs this is when they do it.

      tza ALL DAY long even when rut was down was down as well. and that was proof that some entity was putting pressure on the puts against the rut using the tza to do it.

      u've seen same thing over and over with the faz as well. it's always in the c WAVE back in the etf's

      there were so many puts in market out against all the indexes its no wonder the squeeze had to be done

      and there are crap loads of puts against market out for next opex as well. this week feels like a double cleansing type week.

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