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  • ihawk38 ihawk38 Jul 25, 2009 1:12 AM Flag

    Recent market move very similar to late October in 2008

    That was a very steep rally that was the top before the market eventually went to the march lows.

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    • not even close to the same.

      but when this one ends THE OUTCOME willllllllll be far worse than the march lows

      I could show many reasons why

      BUT nobody will believe till it happens

      and the exact date has yet to hit the charts.

      expect a decent correction to start sometime this week and possibly week to follow

      then another run up into august TO TOP it for YEARS.

      and yes when we top next time SOON it will be high for years.

      NOT MIGHT will.

      NOW there are some very sharp teckies that believe it could go 1200 by next summer. I BELIEVE their caught in TIME WARP because that would make it a new bull market.

      AND since the key metrics are 1012 838 664 and 417

      and since my pivots are lining up in the present zone to mild over 1000 LETS JUST SAY market tankage not far off and


      some on here think ole china gonna keep running BUT china is a bubble getting bubbly by the day NO MARKET RUNS 2.5% DAILY and keeps running INDEFINATELY none in history

      JAPAN RAN AND RAN AND RAN while our market was caught in a blind time warp late 80's early 90's recessionary zone.

      SOUND FAMILIAR? c CHINA is inflating to feed it's people. but china needs the world to keep feeding it's people and THE REST OF THE WORLD IS BROKE even UNITED STATES.

      bad i tell ya

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